AMA’s 2015: All The Things You Need To Know

Last night JLo hosted the American Music Awards of 2015. Suffice it to say, there was a lot that went down that night. Let’s dig in shall we?

First things first, Jennifer Lopez (one of the biggest and coolest divas of our time) went through an outstanding 10 wardrobe changes for the big event! She brought us all back to the 90s, opening with hits such as Waiting For Tonight and reminiscing of the good ol’ days when her and Puff Daddy dated. The stage was shared with Nick Jonas, One Direction, The Weeknd (who won the AMA for Best Soul/ R&B album for Beauty Behind the Madness!) and an emotional tribute to the Paris Attacks by Celine Dion and Jared Leto.

Some stand outs of the night included Anna Kendrick’s hilarious thank you speech on behalf of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast for Top Soundtrack. Best line? “Are we going to have that three-way?.” Just so LOL.

My heart almost stopped when Pentatonix took on Star Wars with a full orchestra to accompany them in preparation for The Force Awakens!

Beliebers everywhere shed a tear when Justin Bieber closed the show with his hit songs What Do You Mean?, Where Are U Now, and ending with Sorry (no pans to Selena Gomez in sight for this performance).

Below are my picks for the best dressed stars at the AMA’s this year!
Who’s your number one?

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