Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Here

The first trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally been released! Let’s dig in shall we?

As I’ve stated time and time again, I definitely know more about DC than I do Marvel, but one of the stories I’m familiar with is Civil War between Cap and Iron Man.

It goes as follows: The government passes a Superhero Registration Act that force people with superpowers to work under their official regulation (aka the government controls them). However, superheroes like Captain America fight against this act and subsequently find themselves in conflict with fellow team members who support the act, like Iron Man and Spider Man. This story connected most of the Marvel universe, even bringing in my personal favourites, The X-Men, who took a neutral stance on the issue. Feeling as though they’ve fought in enough wars on the account of being different.

While the movie doesn’t seem like it will be on as big of a scale that the comic was, the trailer does give us some good things to work with. It starts off with the idea that Cap and Iron Man are alone going to fight on opposite sides of the Registration Act. Cap saying he’s got to stand by his once best friend Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier) and Iron Man standing with the humans on the account that he technically has no powers. He’s just a man in a suit and therefore, he can arguably understand why the world fears the rest of the powerful Avengers.


But as the trailer goes on, you see more characters get introduced! Such asĀ Black Panther, James Rhodes, and Scarlett Witch (here’s hoping we get to see more of Vision who apparently is on Tony Starks team and for the Registration Act?? #MakesNoSense And that we get to see more of Ant Man). What’s going to be interesting is seeing Black Widow and Hawk Eye in this film, because they are best friends but will most likely be fighting on opposite sides of this. Hawk Eye with Captain America and Black Widow (who works for the government) with Iron Man.

What seems to be at the heart of this film is the importance on the bonds of friendship. It’s what forces Cap to fight the Act on accounts of his long standing relationship with Bucky, and it’s what ultimately breaks him and Iron Man apart. Especially with this shot of Tony Stark holding the wounded body of his friend James Rhodes (aka War Machine). He looks pissed and is probably going to blame Cap for the injury.


And can we please have a moment of silence for the last shot in this trailer when Captain America and Bucky team up and beat the living day lights out of Iron Man? Yea, you know that’s going to hurt.

Watch the trailer below!
Who’s side are you on? Because I’m totally with the Cap on this one


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