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Top 10: Favourite Music Videos

I must admit, that I’m not one to watch a lot of music videos, I’m all about the lyrics, so I could care less about what’s happening on screen versus what’s going on in my ears. But every so often, there’s that video that catches my eye and I watch over and over again!

10. Step up song by Ciara

I loved the first Step Up film (I can’t say the same about the other 50 million) and as such, really enjoyed the soundtrack. Although this wasn’t my favourite song from the album, I loved the video…and that’s mainly because it features Channing Tatum dancing in the end.

9. Soldier by Destiny’s Child

A video that features a group of sexy men wandering around? Yes please!

8. Touch It REMIX by Busta Rhymes

This video came out in a time when Busta Busta was on fire, so when he brought in some of the best talent (at the time) in the game on this track, everyone pretty much lost their minds. I nearly had a heart attack when DMX came on the screen. And shout out to the girls dancing at the beginning of the video.

7. Beautiful Liar by Shakira and Beyoncé

Who would have ever thought that Shakira and Beyoncé look alike? The main reason I love this video so much is because I like to spend my time deciphering who’s who in each scene.

6. Runaway by Kanye West

The long version of this song is just a tad too artsy for my liking, but the ballet dance portion of the video is absolutely breath taking. And a true vision to put in a music video. Well played Yeezus.

5. Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey

The spectacular Lana Del Rey has so many stunning music videos to choose from, but Blue Jeans stands as one of my all time favourites for many reasons. One, because I love the song. Two, because of it’s old school persona. Three, because it features her love for one man as being deadly; like an alligator in the water. And four, because their love story continues in her video Born To Die. Showing that she created such a beautiful story in this one video that it needed to be expanded on in another.

4. Cheers by Rihanna

This is my favourite song by Rihanna. The reason I love this music video is because it’s just so damn happy! It makes me want to party, cheers with my friends, and go out and have a good time. Not everything has to be doom and gloom, and I need videos like Cheers to remind me of that. I’ll drink to that!

3. I’m In Love I Wanna Do It by Alex Gaudino

I don’t know what it is about this video that makes me love it so much. Maybe it’s the idea of young love in the summer. I’m not sure, but something about it makes me so happy and positive about the future. Maybe there is such a thing as love, who knows?

2. Latch by Disclosure

I heard this song about a year before it was popular and playing on the radio. I’ve been a fan of Disclosure for quite sometime, and it was this song that introduced me to the wonderful talents of Sam Smith. Similar to my number 3 pick, this video makes me feel happy and gives me hope that there’s love and beauty left on this world.

1. Ride by Lana Del Rey

Was there even a question that this wouldn’t steal the number 1 spot? I can’t even count how many times I’ve mentioned the power of this music video on my blog before. Ride is a true masterpiece. Live fast. Die young. Be wild. Have Fun.

What’s your fave music video? Do you agree with my list?


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