Space The Final Frontier: The Best Star Trek Episodes Out There

I’ve been reliving my youth be rewatching some of my fave Star Trek episodes! This was hard to do as each series has so many amazing episodes, but I tried my best. Here’s a look at the best ones to date (at least for me) below!

21. Star Trek The Next Generation: Parallels

A highly entertaining episode about one of my favourite characters Worf, as he keeps jumping to various alternate realities. I’ve always been a fan of  shows that create alternate realities becuase it allows us to see a different to the characters we’ve grown to love — so there will be a lot of these on this this list! But the main reason I love this episode so much is because it brings in the idea of how different your life could be with just a few changes here and there.

20. Star Trek Voyager: Year of Hell

The Year of Hell gives the Voyager Crew a run for their money. It gets into some serious business by pushing all the characters to their absolute limit as they’re constantly under attack. The poor ship was limping away in space with too many holes to count.

19. Star Trek The Next Generation: I Borg

The Enterprise faces a huge ethical question when they find a disconnected Borg drone stranded away from the collective. Do they use him as a weapon, or is there more to this drone than meets the eye?

18. Star Trek The Next Generation: Measure of a Man

Another ethical episode on what it means to be a person, except this time it touches closer to home as Data’s humanity gets called into question, placing him on “trail” with Riker as his ruthless prosecutor.

17. Star Trek: The Enemy Within

Good versus evil; this episode shows how one horrific transporter accident can turn even the best characters bad. Kirk gets split into good and evil versions of himself, forcing the crew and audiences to question the nature of our capacity to be evil.

16. Star Trek The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds

Probably one of the most shocking finales Star Trek ever had: when The Borg turned Picard into their mouthpiece. Resistance is futile.

15. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Hard Time

Let’s face it, Deep Space Nine likes to torture O’Brien, and this episode was probably one of the worst forms he had to endure. O’Brien receives false memories of being imprisoned for 20 years in a manner of a couple minuets. When he’s released and brought back to Deep Space Nine he’s a changed man, and not sure if he’ll ever be the same.

14. Star Trek: Amok Time

We finally get to see Spock’s home world Vulcan and get a glimpse into the violent mating rituals and ancient traditions that run Vulcans — pon farr. Plus Kirk vs Spock.

13. Star Trek Voyager: Shattered

Chakotay travels throughout the ship and experiences different points in time — past, present, and future. My personal fave is when fan favourite Seska is brought back and crating havoc on board Voyager with the Kazon.

12. Star Trek Voyager: Blood Fever

B’Elanna experiences symptoms similar to the pon farr after being attacked by Vulcan Ensign Vorik who is also undergoing the blood fever. I love this episode because it finally forces B’Elanna to deal with her feelings for Tom, and we get some serious sexual tension between the two.

11. Star Trek The Next Generation: The Inner Light

One of the best Picard episodes on Next Generation in my opinion. We see the Captain live out his life on a doomed planet; while minutes pass for the rest of the crew, Picard experiences 40 years of memories meant to keep the memory of the Kamin race alive long after the death of their civilization. Once Picard returns to the ship the only thing he has left from that life is the music from a flute.

10. Star Trek Voyager: Lineage

B’Elanna and Tom are expecting a baby, and while this moment is typically a happy one for most parents, B’Elanna reflects on her difficult childhood of being half Klingon and half human. This episode brings into question the ethics of eugenics and if B’Elanna has the right to change her child’s DNA to make her less Klingon. A very powerful episode indeed.

9. Star Trek Voyager: Living Witness

Hundreds of years after Voyager visit a planet, its crew is remembered as war criminals, as shown in a historical reenactment. I love the episode because we see a somewhat alternate reality of what Voyager could have been like had the given into the dark side.

8. Star Trek: The Paradise Syndrome

One of the most tragic romance stories of Star Trek, Kirk begins a relationship with a beautiful woman of the Miramanee. What transpires on that world changes him for better and for worse.

7. Star Trek Enterprise: Borderland/Cold Station 12/The Augments

This may be cheating as it is technically three episodes, but I don’t care! We’re given a taste of how Data’s creator, Dr. Noonien Soong, went from creating a genetically enhanced augmented crew (much like Kirk’s nemesis Khan) to constructing the finest machine in the galaxy, Data.

6. Star Trek Enterprise: In A Mirror Darkly, Parts 1 & 2

I did mention there would be more alternate reality episodes on this list right? Another somewhat cheat, as this is technically two episodes, we see the Enterprise crew turn completely evil in this timeline. What’s so amazing about this episode? This installment was developed to be a sequel to The Original Series episode The Tholian Web and a prequel to Mirror, Mirror. So freaking bad ass.

5. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Trials and Tribble-ations

Another episode that features a different crew back on the Enterprise ship of The Original Series. We see some of Deep Space Nine’s crew interacting with Kirk, Spock, and many more of the original cast. This episode was created as a tribute and features one of Star Treks most beloved species — Tribbles.

4. Star Trek: Space Seed

The episode that introduced the best villain in Star Trek history — Khan.

3. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Far Beyond The Stars

Sisko hallucinates he’s a science fiction author writing about the impossible: a black captain named Ben Sisko. This episode opened an entire new world for Sisko to question what’s real and what’s not in the seventh season.

2. Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Visitor

Jake Sisko has grown old as a famous writer, but he’s willing to give it all up to save his father, Captain Sisko, who died in an accident in the past. One of the most touching episodes Star Trek has ever produced.

1. Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror

Of course my list would end off with the episode that started the trend of having alternate realities in Star Trek. Imagine a world where the Federation’s the bad guy. Where humanity enslaved instead of explored, and where violence and greed control our emotions. Plus, Spock has a beard — which is awesome!

What episode was your absolute favourite? And which series do you think is the best to date?

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