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TV Crossovers I’m Dying For

Admit it, when one TV show you like has a crossover episode with another TV show you like, the fangirl and fanboy inside of you looses it just a tad.

Let’s just imagine that there’s a world somewhere out there where these shows can come together for an episode or two! We’ve already looked at my dream movie crossovers, now it’s time to give TV it’s day in the sun.

Below are my picks for some TV crossovers that I’m just dying to see.

Stargate and Star Trek

How fun would it be if the original Stargate team went through the Stargate only to end up in a parallel world where there was never any Stargate on Earth. Instead the Vulcans landed and showed humanity a better path – thus, creating Starfleet and the wonderful Star Trek that we know and love. But now, the Federation’s under attack by a new foe, the Goa’uld, and only with the help of SG-1 can the Federation hope to defeat them.

Doctor Who and Sherlock

These two powerful minds should come together to solve the ultimate mystery. And in the process, Sherlock uncovers the secrets of the Doctor, making the two become the most unlikely of friends.

House and Grey’s Anatomy

Picture this: Tragedy (once again) hits Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and there’s only one person they can call to save the day – House. He pushes everyone’s buttons, but somehow manages to get the job done. This hospital drama would be enough to make me watch Grey’s Anatomy once more.

New Girl and The Mindy Project

I have mentioned before that strong women in TV has become a thing, so it only makes sense to bring together the two powerhouses on female comedies in one show. Plus, just imagine what the boys in each show would get up to if they all hung out together!

Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy

Let’s just take a moment of silence for that fact that both of these amazing shows are done. But can we just imagine if the amazing Walter White came up to the Sons with a proposition on selling his merchandise for the kings? And just imagine if Jesse got seduced by the fast pace life of the Sons. Wondering if maybe a little more Anarchy┬áin his life is his calling (cause he really needs more right)?

The Newsroom and House of Cards

I mean seriously, who else could call out Frank on his bullshit Presidential skills? I honestly think an amazing final season would be the destruction and take down of Frank Underwood by the difficult and truth finding Will McAvoy.

Heroes and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Just as the world’s getting used to Daisy Johnson and her band of misfits (aka the Inhumans), imagining them having to deal with the cast of Heroes and their superhuman abilities. Together they’d track down and try to defeat Sylar who’s teamed up with Ward.

One Tree Hill and The O.C

Because one town of teen drama isn’t enough, imagine if the high school cast of good ol’ Tree Hill high went on a field trip to hang out in the beautiful Orange County. Nathan and Luke could have teamed up to take down Lucas and Ryan while Peyton and Marissa could be annoying and dramatic together. Meanwhile Brooke and Summer could just be comic relief while Hayley and Seth become best friends. Yep, match made in Heaven, Welcome to the O.C bitch!

Seinfeld and Friends

This whole episode could literally just feature the two squads hanging out and talking about nothing; it would be an instant hit!

Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder

The Shonda universe just needs to come together! Annalise Keating has finally come across something that even she can’t handle, so she calls the one woman she knows she can trust, and that she knows can get the job done: Olivia Pope…..I think I’d just about die if this ever happened.

Mad Men and Suits

I know this could never happen because they’re literally set in different eras, but I just want to see Harvey Specter and Don Draper share the same space on TV. Please and thank you!

Criminal Minds and NCIS

While just about any cop show can have a crossover episode, I specifically want it to be these two because I NEED to see Garcia and Abby work together on a case. These two are just so lovably and perfectly weird.

Fresh off The Boat and Blackish

Is it wrong that I want to see these two families come together and talk about how un “Westernized” they are? Just imagine if they all became best friends!

Daredevil and Jessica Jones

I’m sure this crossover is only a matter of time. They both exist in Marvel TV land, so it’s 100% going to happen. I foresee these two shows becoming something like Arrow and The Flash – just constantly popping in and out of each others shows.

Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow

Although Sleepy Hollow already had a crossover episode with the show Bones, I think it would make more sense to have one with Supernatural. Imagine if Abbie and Crane were working the same cause as the Winchester brothers? The two could team up to solve this unstoppable foe with their perspective angels Cas and Orion causing havoc in the background.

What do you think of my list? What are some TV show crossovers that you’re just dying to see?


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