First Look: Wonder Woman and Aquaman Films

This week DC’s Legends of Tomorrow aired, and with it, a look at some of the upcoming films of DC’s lineup: Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

With the recent release of the Batman vs Superman trailer, there’s been a lot of buzz around the film, and what this ultimately means for DC’s movie universe, and if they can possibly compete with the monster house that is Marvel’s cinematic world. When it comes to the constant battle between Marvel and DC, I’ve always firmly stood on DC’s side, however, I’m not sure if their films will translate their superiority over Marvel. I actually don’t hold much hope for the DC films (with the exception of Suicide Squad – which looks really good).

We’ve been given a quick glance at the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film (the first solo female superhero film to take the big screen!), it looks as though it’s hoping to explore the origins of the Amazonian princess who travels to mans world in order to get her fellow Amazonian sisters to remember to fight for what’s right.

To be honest, this sounds a little cut and dry to me – like the same old story with the same old plot. I’m worried it’s going to be boring, or turn into something close to the first Captain America film. I was hoping they’d explore more of Diana’s origin and her relationship with the gods and Greek mythology. I have a feeling the film is going to concentrate on mans world and not so much on Themyscira. And that would be a shame.

And now, onto Aquaman! I won’t lie, I’m more excited about this film than Wonder Woman, which is sad to say, mainly because Wonder Woman is one of my all time favourite DC characters. That being said, the King of Atlantis has some pretty interesting lore to dig into.

The video provided for the upcoming Aquaman film leaves me feeling more positive on the direction they’ll hopefully go with Arthur. I’m hoping to see some turmoil within the character as he searches for┬áhis place in the world when he’s of land and sea.I want to dive into the world of Atlantis and (much like what I said about the Wonder Woman film) I hope the film focus more on the life and politics of Atlantis rather than man’s world above ground.

Please oh please DC, don’t mess these movies up!


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