Suicide Squad Trailer 2: We’re Bad Guys, It’s What We Do

Suicide Squad’s got a new trailer! So yes, the internet had a melt down.

Okay, so DC’s still trying to get us all on board with their attack on Marvel’s cinematic universe. And while DC’s been killing it on TV (although so is Marvel) and is clearly superior to Marvel with their comics, I’m not convinced their films will stand up against the mighty Marvel…except maybe with this one!

suicide-squad-trailer-twoWhen the first Suicide Squad trailer came out, I was giddy with joy! I even went as far as to say that – aside from his costume – I was excited for Jared Leto’s portrayal of the iconic Joker. I mean come one, the man’s an established award winner actor, he’s got this.

Then came the Batman vs Superman trailer, and I discussed my theories on how Suicide Squad and that film would tie together. Now it’s just time for me to sit back and enjoy the shit show ride that it looks like Suicide Squad’s going to take me on. And really, do you expect anything else with a trailer that accompanies Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?

Here’s what this trailer has (or hasn’t) given us thus far: We still don’t know who the squad has been assembled to fight against, which I totally appreciate when a trailer doesn’t give everything away (cough cough Doomsday in Batman vs Superman trailer 3…). It looks as though Enchantress has some seriously weird mojo floating around her head all the time, and dun dun duuuuun does Harley Quinn die?

suicide-squad-trailer-twoNooooo they wouldn’t do that to us. Or would they? After all, this is the first time she’s ever been brought to the big screen, so they can’t just kill her. But it does look as though The Joker took a dive into a pool holding Harley’s immobile body. Maybe this is just one of his many forms of torture he’s got in store for her, or maybe he’s saving her life? Who knows, but what ever’s going on in this trailer, I’m down!

This second trailer is everything that it needs to be for the Suicide Squad. It’s confuses audiences while making us beg for more. It drops slight hints for what to expect, without giving anything away. And it packs one hell of a punch with the catchy trailer music. I’ve never been so interested to watch a movie since seeing the trailer for Watchmen.

What do you think of the Suicide Squad’s newest trailer? And don’t forget to check out other exciting DC news here!


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