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Am I Seeing Double? Films That Are Practically The Same But Which Was Better?

It looks like Hollywood’s run out of things to talk about. Can someone please explain to me why it feels as though I’m seeing double with some of these films below?

These are the films that eerily seem to have the same plot and concept all wrapped up in one film. The only question is: Which one is better? And which one came out first?

Hunger Games and Battle Royale

Both are films are about children being forced to kill each other for survival and sport. However, Battle Royale came out first and has a bleak look on the idea of children turning into murders. What makes this film stronger than The Hunger Games is the idea that these kids were all friends and in the same class; there’s something even sadder about having to kill friends and classmates.

Winner: Battle Royale

White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen

The White House is under attack, and one man (along with a child side kick) has to save the day and prove to everyone that he’s worthy to work for the President of the United States. Olympus Has Fallen provides more emotion with the death of the First Lady, and while I’ll always be a Channing Tatum fan, his film White House Down just didn’t measure to Gerard Butler’s. After all This is Sparta!

Winner: Olympus Has Fallen

Antz and A Bugs Life

Who knew that a film about bugs could be so interesting for children? I am guilty of being a huge fan of kids movies – they’re just so freaking appealing – and these two were no exception. Both look at the dynamic of an ant hive, concentrating on one ants journey of becoming brave, and the saviour of the ant hill. I may be bias with this one, but I was always partial to the character Dot from A Bugs Life.

Winner: A Bugs Life

The Illusionist and The Prestige

Set in the past, both films look at the power of magic. The Illusionist shows the lengths at which one man will go for love. It follows his quest as a magician to avenge his true love, while The Prestige takes you on a mind bending roller coaster of two mens dangerous rivalry to be the best stage magician. They start out fighting  due to one mans love of a woman, get pulled farther apart by the love of a different woman, and are ultimately driven to insane lengths for their love of power. What can I say, I love a good mind thriller.

Winner: The Prestige

San Andreas and The Day After Tomorrow

In these films natural disaster has come and one father must go against all odds to find and save their only child. The difference? One is a killer earthquake off the beautiful San Andreas fault while the other reaches subfreezing temperatures in the Big Apple, New York. Both keep you on your toes, but San Andreas manages to pull ahead with the touching father daughter scenes between The Rock and his last remaining daughter (as his other daughter past away) Alexandra Daddario. Although I love The Day After Tomorrow and it came out first, San Andreas just gives me all the feels.

Winner: San Andreas

Chasing Liberty and The First Daughter

Okay, picture this: Both of these movies look at the rebellious stage of the President of The United States’ daughter, as she embarks on a new adventurous journey that leads her to find “true love” and her purpose in life. No joke. They’re literally the exact movie. But if I had to choose one, I suppose I’d go the university route over the European tour.

Winner: The First Daughter

Mirror Mirror and Snow White and The Huntsman

You remember the classic Disney movie Snow White right? Although (even as a child) this was one of my least favourite movies, I was pretty excited for the release of Snow White and The Huntsman – a dark and gritty take on the fairytale. And then low and behold, I discovered that another Snow White movie was coming out around the same time, except this one focused on the comedic aspects of the story. And while I love me some Julia Roberts, Charlize wins all the way for evil queen.

Winner: Snow White and The Huntsman

No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits

What happens when two attractive people of the opposite sex become friends and add a little sexy time here and there in the mix? You guessed it, two identical movies on their process to falling in love and realizing that everything they’ve ever wanted is staring right in front of them…cause that’s a thing. Sadly, I saw No String Attached first, so you know, first come first serve.

Winner: No Strings Attached

What movies do you think are practically identical? And do you agree with the ones I choose to win?


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