The 58th Annual Grammy Awards

With award season continuing at full speed, let’s pop into the Grammy’s and see who stole the stage and the best red carpet look. Plus – Swifty dancing (again)!

So first things first: Tay’s got a new do’ and I dig it. Not many people can pull off that short pixie like bob look, but I think she looks great! Next up, a father-son reunion between Ice Cube and his look alike son O’Shea Jackson Jr. And who could forget the breathtaking performance by Ellie Goulding and Andra Day? I mean, come on?!

I couldn’t stop from jamming on my couch to Tyrese singing Brick House and just about DIED when Lionel Richie performed All Night Long. Literally one of my fave moments of the night.

Stevie Wonder and Pentatonix, Kendrick Lamar’s performance, and of course Swifty’s acceptance speech for her Album of the Year prize for 1989. During her speech, Tay Tay warned aspiring female performers that people may try to take “credit for your accomplishments or your fame.” aka calling out Kanye West’s new motto for making “that bitch famous”. Well played Taylor, keep it classy.

Below are my fave celebrities that rocked the red carpet this year. Who do you think looked the best?

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