Batman vs Superman Trailer 3

Another trailer’s been released for the Batman vs Superman film, and while I absolutely hated the second one (and how much it gave away in the film), this one’s more my style.

I’m worried about this film for a couple of reasons. First, is the casting choice of Wonder Woman. While Gal Gadot is beautiful and has played a tough chick in the past with her role in the Fast and Furious films, I just don’t think she’s got the stuff to play the Amazon Princess (surly there were better options?) Here’s hoping she surprises me like Anne Hathaway’s Catwomen in the Dark Knight Rises.

Second, I’ve got my concerns with Jesse Eisenberg’s take on Lex Luthor. At first I wasn’t worried, but after watching the second trailer (which gave away WAAAAAY too much), I’m worried that he’ll act more as The Riddler than Lex. And since Lex is one of my fave characters (like Wonder Woman) I may just loose it.


Third is that there seems to be too much happening in this film. We’ve got Batman vs Superman, which I actually can’t wait to see on film. Then there’s Lex, then there’s Wonder Woman, then there’s Doomsday (which was given away in the second trailer), and then on top of all that it looks like this film will introduce Apocalypse.

We see clips of what looks like Batman being attacked on Apocalypse, so there’s that.

Similar to my review on Avengers: Age of Ultron, I think that the DC universe is trying to jam pack too many stories and characters into one film. And while Marvel’s had luck (so far) I don’t know if DC will. This is just my opinion based on the trailers we’ve seen so far. And while I’ll always argue that DC is better than Marvel, I just don’t know if this will translate to the big screen. Here’s hoping I’m wrong – which hardly happens with films (jks!).

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think for the upcoming Batman vs Superman film


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