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UrbanBushBabes, I Freaking Love You!

So this year has been a year of changes for me, and one of them has been writing for this amazing site Lulu Unlimited! I got the opportunity to write a post on the UrbanBushBabes – literally the coolest site with gals so unbelievably chic that I’ve ever been introduced to.

Co-founder Nikisha Brunson

So who are the UrbanBushBabes? And what do they do? Meet co-founders, Nikisha Brunson and Cipriana Quann. An online publication that breaks down hair care (specifically natural hair), fashion, music, film, and culture in New York and Austin. But specifically they look at beauty, arguing that there are different types in the world for women to explore, and not just the stereotypical idea of what’s beautiful and what isn’t.

The thing I love the most about this site is that it almost reads more like a personal diary. The ladies are sharing their lives, personal ideals, and stories with you instead of just talking at you.

Check out their site here! And don’t forget to read all about them over on Lulu Unlimited


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