Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 Debuts Spider-Man

That’s right guys, Spider-Man has finally made an appearance in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. About. Damn. Time.

It’s no secret that I’m beyond excited for this film to come out, but I am getting concerned with all the characters Marvel’s introducing into their cinematic universe. As I stated in my review for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel may run into a slight issue with all their characters colliding into one film – like the Infinity War films Part 1 & 2 set to come out.

Thus far, it looks like those films will include Spider-Man, all the avengers (plus the new ones added at the end of Age of Ultron), and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Not to mention Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Blank Panther. I’m getting a headache just thinking about this. Shoving all these characters in one film could ultimately be Marvel’s downfall, which is what I feel will happen in DC’s cinematic universe with the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film. However, they could surprise me and things will turn out well (here’s hoping).

This trailer hasn’t given too much away from the release of the first trailer back in November. The biggest easter egg was definitely at the end when my man Spider-Man finally showed up on the scene. And revealed that he’s on Iron Man’s side (which by the way, I firmly stand on team Cap’).

The new Spider-Man will appear in a standalone film in 2017, with a special appearance by Zendaya! Her character’s under hush hush, but I’m guessing she’ll play the character of Michelle; in the comics she was a lawyer whose brother was a police officer and roommate to Spidy. The two share a complicated relationship that result in a one-night stand at his Aunt May’s wedding.

Are you even more excited for Captain America: Civil War now?


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