First Look At The Wonder Woman Film

Now that the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film is out and trying to make a name for itself, we’ve been blessed with the first look at the upcoming Wonder Woman film staring (unfortunately) Gal God as Wonder Woman, Connie Nielsen from my all time favourite movie Gladiator as Diana’s mother Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright as General Antiope, and Lieutenant Menalippe portrayed by Lisa Loven Kongsli.

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first look at Diana before she rocks her classic costume. This image shows her on the island Themyscira standing amongst three of the most important people in her life; those that trained her.

Themyscira is a hidden island where Amazon women of Greek myth have thrived for centuries. They live in harmony and free to self-govern away from the corruption of the world of men.

What do you think of this first look? Are you excited for the first female superhero comic character to have their own standalone film?


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