Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review

Okay, so even though this weekend was Easter, I had to sneak away from my famjam to see this film. And while I’ve already voiced my concerns about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman here and my theories for the film here, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty.

Let’s start with what I enjoyed about the film: I liked Ben Affleck as Batman. While many people were up in arms about his casting choice (bringing up his not-so-good role in Daredevil), I wasn’t concerned at all. The man’s a good actor so I knew he wouldn’t disappoint. He played the part well. I knew that this Batman was going to be older, sadder, and have a general bleak outlook on life. How did I know this? In the trailer we saw a brief glimpse on Jason Todd’s Robin costume with the Joker’s handiwork written all over it. That alone tells me that this takes place after A Death In The Family, when the Joker kills Jason Todd, breaking Batman completely.

I loved Lois and Clarks’ relationship. I thought they worked well together as a couple. You could see how Clark was always there to save her when she needed it and vice versa. Plus, she trusted him completely without whining or being an annoying “girl” character, which is nice to see. Yes a woman can be competent, intelligent, a love interest, and not annoying all in one. Shocker.

Okay, so here’s all the stuff that was just the worst.

1. Lex Luthor…..What the actual hell?

I was slightly nervous about the casting decision to have Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, but I thought that maybe he’d play the genius role of looking down on everyone in the room because he knows better well. Right? Wrong. He played a fool, a child that spoke in riddles, threw tantrums, wondered around in skater shoes, and was generally annoying. It’s like he thought he was playing The Riddler.

Lex is one of my all time fave DC villains, so having him transformed from a powerful genius that’s constantly one step ahead of the Justice League to an annoying man-child that’s channeling his inner Mark Zuckerberg was the WORST.

The entire film all I could image was having Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor from Smallville, who was literally the best thing from that show and my favourite Lex) delivering the exact same lines as homeboy in the movie. And then all of a sudden, it was 1000x better. I just can’t say enough bad things about him.

2. The editing and pacing was all over the place

It felt like some scenes were cut too short, others lasted longer than they needed to, certain characters were just shoe horned in for the sake of being there (i.e Laurence Fishburne), it honestly just felt like one big complicated mess. There may have been a plan, but somewhere along the lines it got severely blurred. And I ain’t got time for these blurred lines.

3. Doomsday was literally just there to bring the team together

Doomsday is one of DC’s greatest foes, being the only character to have ever killed the Man of Steel. And they turned him into a mindless beast that Lex created because “Wahhhh I hate Superman”. And why did Superman have to stab him? He could have held Wonder Womans lasso while she did it. Or he could have passed it to Batman for him to shoot/throw/stab/ect. Sups just wanted to be dramatic and pretend to die.

4. Chaos. Choas Everywhere

So people are pissed at Sups because of all the destruction from The Man of Steel film. Okay fine. So what do they do in this movie? Cause even more destruction than the first, but not to worry, this time Lex got blamed for it all, and Superman’s a martyr and everyone forgives him. Hmmm….okay, so we’re just sweeping everything under the rug now because people think homeboys dead? Right, makes total sense. That’s not going to come back to bite them in the ass later on. People are totally not fickle like that….

5. Apocalypse

This point is not so much that I didn’t enjoy it, because I actually did, it’s just that I think it was executed poorly. Batman’s been getting visions of a possible future where Superman’s working with Darkseid and his minions of Apocalypse have taken over Earth. And we’re to assume (based on the message from Flash in the future) that the death of Lois drove Clark to madness/Darkseid.

I knew that somehow Darkseid was going to tie into this film (as I stated earlier here) because he’s the big bad for the Justice League like Thanos is for The Avengers in Marvel (hence why he’s going to be the big bad in the Infinity Wars Part 1 & 2).

But for those that know nothing about DC or the comics (which are most people watching the films cause they’re jumping on the band wagon), this entire scene would have meant nothing to them. If anything, it would just confuse them. So, while it was exciting to see a tease for what’s next, it was horribly done.

6. Still hate the casting of Wonder Woman

While Gal Gadot’s acting was good and satisfied all that she needed to be in the film, I still hate that they cast her. Excuse my quick rant (once again): in a world that celebrates size 0, thigh gaps, bones being shown, and women constantly tearing apart their body because they’re not “thin enough”, it kills me that the first time Wonder Woman’s brought to the big screen (a women that’s celebrated for being thick, full bodied, large and in charge, and just an all around “real woman”) was cast as a skinny, bonny, model. That’s not to say that Gal Gadot isn’t beautiful, because let’s face it duh! It’s just frustrating to see, that’s all.

So overall, was the movie good? It was fine, literally exactly what I thought it would be. Was I disappointed? Slightly. But I am excited about the future. Seeing clips of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg was pretty cool! So all those hints to DC’s lineup were well placed. Hopefully it’ll only get better from here. Ps, was it just me or did Batman kill a lot of people in this film? Plus, what  was up with him and his gun? BTW Zack Snyder, Batman hates guns.

Did you see Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice yet? What did you think?


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