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TV Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Do you ever find that there are certain characters that just steal the show away from the main one? I often get lost in the story of the side character and find myself wishing for more. If you agree, check out my top 10 countdown of the best TV characters that deserve their own spin-off series.

10. The Alpha Pack from Teen Wolf
The Alpha Pack was a part of my fave season in Teen Wolf, a show that I’m surprisingly obsessed with! I’d love to go back to the beginning and see how the pack got brought together. With each season adding a new addition to the pack.

9. Kit Walker from American Horror Story: Asylum
I loved AHS Asylum, it was one of my favourite seasons, but I think it got a little lost with its multiple story lines that never really found closure near the end. I’d like them to explore the alien abduction plot points, and the fact that Kit now has SPOILER two women he loves with two babies. What was the point of the abduction? Why was Kit so important? Which woman does he love more? I’d like all the answers please. Wouldn’t it be cool if somehow each season was all connected and explained through the aliens watching from above? Just a thought.

8. Lex Luthor from Smallville
Lex was my favourite character from this show, but I don’t think he was given enough justice or a proper send off. I want a show that outlines Lex in his youth, to show why he became a man so consumed with Clarks life. I’d also love if it went into great detail about his complex relationship with his father and Oliver Queen.

7. Chibs from Sons of Anarchy
The Ireland story in Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy was my favourite arc in the entire series. And while I’m simply dying for a movie series outlining John Tellers life prior to his murder, I think we need an entire series to tell me all about Chibs and his relationship to the Irish kings. I want to know how he met his wife, how he lost her, and how #AwkwardTurtle it was for him to fall in love with a black women (as that was kinda not okay for club members to go “outside of their race”). Plus, this would give us some serious insight into the clubs beginning.

6. Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Uncle was one of the best characters from this anime, and I would love to see his backstory. I want to see how Uncle joined the White Lotus, how his relationship was with his father and brother, and how he met the 2 last dragons. I would of course like to meet his son and see just how much his death affected Iroh. I also want a chance to see just how badass of a fighter Uncle could truly be.

5. Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones
I really think that this one’s pretty self explanatory. We just all need to know who the hell Jon Snow’s mother is! While I don’t believe that A) Jon Snow is dead, and B) That Ned is his father, I’d like to see the entire story of his birth. I have a theory that Jon’s father is actually King Robert Baratheon and his mother is Ned’s sister, Lyanna who Baratheon truly loved. But alas, only time will tell…or a spin-off series!

4. Moon Kingdom from Sailor Moon
So, this may not just be one character, but what can I say? Sailor Moon was a show from my childhood! I’d love it if they could bring the show back and let us see what the scouts were like before being sent to earth. I would literally die! I want to see the beginning of Serena and Dariens’ love (and maybe even love interests for the other scouts), what Serena’s mother was like, and how the Negaverse attacked the kingdom. I’d also be interest to see the relationships between the Negaverse characters with each other as well.

3. Star Trek Alternate Universe
Again, not one character, but I just love alternate realities in TV shows (Fringe anyone?), especially when it comes to Star Trek! My favourite episodes from all 5 series can be found in alternate realities, so is it any wonder that I’d love an entire series dedicated to it? I just have to see the evil side of the Federation, with each season set in a different timeline. Season 1 could look at the beginning of the Federation in Archers time, season 2 in Kirks time, season 3 in Picards, and season 4 & 5 in Janeway and Siskos. Please and thank you.

2. Caesar from Spartacus
Spartacus was one hell of a show, and while it’s sadly over, I’ve been in the process of re-watching the glory that was taking down Rome. With the SPOILER ALEART rebel slave army long since dead, it would be interesting to look at the rise of Julius Caesar and his relationship with Crassus and Pompey. I’m down for another bloody semi-historic tale on Starz aren’t you?

1. The Fanged Four from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
This would be one hell of a show! Starting with Darla turning Angel, we could see the destruction that these 4 vampires caused before Angel getting his soul back. My favourite episodes in Buffy and Angel always came from seeing Angel and Spikes past. I’d love to see just how insane Drusilla went with her change, and the deliciously destructible relationship between Angel and Spike. This would be nothing short of epic.

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