Doctor Strange Trailer Is Out!

The Doctor Strange trailer just hit the web and the world’s having a melt down. I won’t even lie, I’m having a melt down. #Nerdgasm!

So for once in my life, a comic book film adaptation is coming out and I know barely anything about it. Seriously, the only thing I know about Doctor Strange is that he uses magic, kind of dips his toes in the villain pool (I think), and was critical during the Superhuman Registration Act (which is probably why Marvel’s introducing him now with Captain America: Civil War coming up).

Now, here’s what I’m the most excited about! First of all, this trailer doesn’t make me feel like it’s a Marvel movie at all. If anything it’s more like Inception meets magic that’s kicking ass! And that makes it seem even more “strange”, even more out there, and even more bad ass, because the character should be pretty damn epic.

I like that this is ultimately going to be an origin story, so we may not see any of The Avengers or even hear about them. This is all going to be about how Stephen Strange becomes Doctor Strange, and I’m pretty stoked to watch this all unfold in front of me. I have to say, it’s fun to walk into a comic book film blind! This has honestly never happened to me before, so I’m pretty excited! I’m down to try something new.

I love that Benedict Cumberbatch is starring in the lead role (and without his accent I might add!), the man is an amazing actor so you really can’t go wrong with that. Tilda Swinton typically terrifies me, but she’s an accomplished actress so I’m very excited to see what she’ll bring to the table as she “mister miyagi’s” Strange and astral projects his consciousness out of his body. And Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years A Slave) is in the film as well! I don’t know who he’s playing, but I’m sure it’ll be BOMB!

So, are you pumped for this film? Has it got you interested in more? Watch the trailer below and click here for more trailer news.


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