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Break It Down: My Favourite Movies Thus Far

I’m a huge movie buff, I mean I think my category dedicated to film and TV pretty much explains how much I love watching movies. But I’ve always wondered what my list of favourite movies would be? Is that even possible to narrow it down?

While I’m a sci-fi action girl through and through, I love those films that really make you think! I love to step back and took a look at what this movie is trying to say, and I especially appreciate those films that can express and bring out such strong emotions in me, because I’m usually not one to cry during a film.

I love to be challenged, I love to be on the edge of my seat, I love feeling a connection to the characters, and I love being excited above all else. I mean, don’t we all? And just in case you’re wondering, I won’t be spoiling any of the films below!

V for Vendetta

Most people didn’t really enjoy this movie but I loved it! And while the author of the original source material, Alan Moore, has publicly bashed the film, I can’t help but enjoy what the film’s trying to convey. I absolutely love the message behind the mask.

Life of Pi

I was once forced to read this novel back in University, and at first I hated it. I found it somewhat boring and aggravating as I couldn’t grasp the idea that a boy could survive in a lifeboat with a tiger. However, once I got the the twist at the end, it simply became a masterpiece. And the film, is nothing short of genius. It honestly gave me all the feels just with the trailer alone.

Cloud Atlas

I can’t even begin to tell you all the reasons that I love this movie! Many people didn’t enjoy it because it was too long, too complicated, and too out of the box. But it’s literally for those reasons that I love it. There’s just so much to say about this film that I had to write an entire separate review of it over here.

The Prestige

Directed by the amazing Christopher Nolan, The Prestige is nothing short of a mind bender. Let’s just say this, before Inception, there was this movie. An insane tale of how two men’s ambition ultimately tore them apart and destroyed their lives. I honestly can’t say anymore than that without giving anything away.

Star Wars

I mean, come on. It’s Star Wars, I literally grew up on the original films, and I’m pretty sure half my blog is dedicated to Star Wars news. While I tend to think of the original films as all one epic tale, if I had to choose my favourite I suppose it would be The Empire Strikes Back. Admit it, seeing Luke meet Yoda, watching Han and Leia flirt, and finding out about Luke and Darth Vaders relationship are all simply classic moments. And of course, how could I not mention Hans emotional scene of being frozen. This film’s damn near perfect.


Gladiator. This is the film that started it all for me. It was with Gladiator that my love of historic war-like films was born. And thanks to this film, I found my favourite TV show in Spartacus, it’s literally like a mixture of Gladiator and 300.


Another film by Christopher Nolan, Memento is one hell of a ride. It follows a man with a memory condition as he tries to solve the murder of his wife all while being unable to remember things after a certain amount of time. He tattoos his body as a permanent reminder of what’s real and what’s not. But like all Nolan films, there are twist and turns around ever corner.

My Sisters Keeper

This is a film that I love but can honestly never watch again. It focuses on the relationship between two sisters, as one’s dying and the other is trying to save her. It broke my heart while making me really appreciate having my sister around. After watching it I literally called my sister in uncontrollable tears just to make sure she’s was alive and well. #SorryNotSorry 


I watched this film in theatres 3 times! I was that obsessed. For the longest time all I ever wanted to do was live on Pandora. And while James Cameron’s got flak for this movie just being a long version of Pocahontas except with aliens, I don’t care. After all, Pocahontas is one of my favourite Disney princesses!

Gone Girl

Talk about getting your mind messed with. This movie had me on the edge through the entire thing. Was he evil? Was he abusive? Was she crazy? Did she die? Who killed who? What’s going on? Is everyone crazy? I literally thought all those things and a thousand more within the first 20 minutes of the film! Imagine what was going through my head during the rest of this physiological thriller.

Boyz In The Hood

This movie is so real. I’ve never lived in a rough area like the one depicted in this film. I’ve always had luxury and comfort, but watching this film made me look at the streets in a whole new light. I think it’s a relevant film even now, especially when police brutality is finally being called out, with the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, and just racism in general. Not everyone will get what’s being said in this film, but trust me, I got it. It’s sad, and definitely a tough one to watch, but to be honest it’s a masterpiece.

Perks of Being a Wallflower

I actually had no interest in seeing this movie, but a friend of mine dragged me to the theatre and I walked away thinking it was one of the best movies I’d ever seen. It has everything I need in a film that’s a coming of age story. I loved that it looked at all the issues young people can struggle with. It made me really reflect on my life and those around me. I just can’t say enough on how much I love this film changed my perspective on life. It’s so beautiful.


Yep, more Christopher Nolan. Inception was a breath of fresh air! Nolan gave us a film that was completely original in a world where Hollywood, just recycles things over and over again. I loved the soundtrack, I loved Leo (obvi) and I loved that the film had it all: intrigue, action, a detailed and compelling story, and great actors and actresses to match. Well done team!

Those are my favourite movies that I’ve seen so far. Does my list match with yours?


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