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The Passing of A Legend. Prince

It’s a sad day indeed. Yesterday, news broke that Prince passed away, and with him, a legend in music.

In my household, it was common to hear my parents belt out (off key if it was my father) songs like Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, Heroes by David Bowie, and Purple Rain by Prince. And sadly, all these amazing icons have all passed. I never thought Prince would be counted among them, at least not yet, as he passed at the age of 57.

There are no words. Prince was an inspiration to us all. And whether or not you were a fan of his music, you knew his name, knew his songs, knew his face, and understood what he represented. I will forever be obsessed with When Doves Cry a song that I connected with as a child and can fondly look back on as a part of my childhood.

RIP Prince, you will be missed.

Check out this amazing tribute that the cast of the award winning play The Colour Purple did in his honour. With Jennifer Hudson standing front and centre.


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