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Best Disney Instrumental Songs

It’s true, I’ve always been a fan of instrumental songs that seriously pull on the heartstrings. But there’s something I find even more powerful about those songs that came from the one and only Disney.

Disney was literally my childhood. But for some reason, growing up I never really understood all of the emotions that these songs captured without ushering one word. But now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve got a better grasp on painful emotions that humans tend to feel either too deeply or not at all. As a kid, you don’t really get why it’s so sad when John Smith has to leave Pocahontas, how epic it was for Mulan to fight for her father, and how magical the Little Mermaid was. But trust me, I get it now.

Below are the best instrumental songs from Disney. Which song’s your favourite?

6. Mulan – Mulan’s Decision

Composed by Jerry Goldsmith, this song was one for the books. It was released on the limited edition bonus track for the films soundtrack. I love this song because it portrays the fear, bravery, and anguish that Mulan must have felt. It took an enormous amount of courage for her to do what she did for her father. She didn’t do it for a guy to like her, to make herself look pretty, or for any selfish reasons other than to do what she thought was right for her family. And that’s why she’s one of my fave Disney princesses of all time.

5. The Little Mermaid – Opening Title

I love the opening sequence for this Disney classic. It made the sea look like such a magical place that I was ready to just drop everything and dive right in. Now when I hear this song, I’m full of nostalgia and nothing but straight up happy feelings. Ariel’s motives may have been ridiculous, but I just want to live under the sea with her too!

4. Atlantis The Lost Empire – Crystal Chamber

Not many people enjoyed this film, but I absolutely LOVED it. I thought it was a bold and different take for Disney. I really enjoyed they mysterious land of Atlantis and the kind of science fiction vibe the movie took. Plus, it featured the voice of Leonard Nimoy, which is beyond amazing. Live long and prosper

3. Beauty and The Beast – Transformation

Belle was one hell of a lady. I give her mad props for being able to see past the beast and love the man. I honestly, don’t think I could have done it. So seeing him transform into a better person thanks to Belles’ love, was nothing short of epic. This is one Disney movie that is literally perfect in my eyes from beginning to end.

2. Lion King – Remember Who You Are

Ahhh the Lion King. This Disney movie was the one that broke everybody’s hearts. Even as a child, I knew that Mufasa’s death was just about the saddest thing I’d ever seen on TV. This song gives me the chills when I’m listening to it. It’s the moment when Simba picks himself back up and becomes the person his father always knew he could be. To become a man, a legend, and a king.

1. Pocahontas – Farewell

Pocahontas is one of my fave movies. And while it may not be entirely accurate, I don’t care. I love the relationship between her and John Smith, and the fact that their love brought together two groups of people that would have otherwise killed each other….you know, as it happened in real life.

Which instrumental Disney song is your favourite?


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