My Sailor Moon Dreamcast

I was frolicking on the good ol’ web, and stumbled across MTV Fora’s dream cast for Sailor Moon. I showed my sister who immediately lost her mind and demanded that I try to make a better one. Alright. Challenged accepted.

Now Sailor Moon was a show of my childhood, and as such I’ve grown incredible attached to its characters. Growing up, I was convinced that Sailor Mars was the biggest bitch on the planet, Sailor Venus was too cool for school, and Tuxedo Mask was legit perfect (guess I started on my AMBW craze a tad early).

I decided to download the entire series and re-watch them in University, and once I did my perspective changed a bit. Sailor Venus was still my fave, but I realized that Sailor Moon was the worst, Mars wasn’t that bad (if anything I felt bad for her since she lost her boyfriend to Serena), and Tuxedo Mask wasn’t as perfect as I thought. But nonetheless, I still love the show (minus season 4, as it was way to Rini central for my liking).

Check out who I think could step into the legendary role of the Sailor Scouts. And while there’s an abundant supply of bad guys each season, I’ve decided to narrow my list just to the scouts. #SorryNotSorry And if you want to learn some fun facts about the show, click here

Sailor Moon – Amanda Seyfried

We all knew Amanda Seyfried as the dumb blonde from Mean Girls with a big heart. Her character Karen may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but she was always there for her friends, and tried to do what was right. I honestly picture Serena being just like Karen: ditzy and annoying, but with her heart in the right place.

Sailor Venus – Blake Lively

As I mentioned above, Sailor Venus was always my favourite scout! Whether it was her long goldie locks, her positive and upbeat attitude, or her lust for fun and adventure, in my mind Sailor Venus was everything Serena should have been. She was outgoing, fun, loyal, brave, and had her hilarious moments. She had all the qualities that Serena has minus the annoying crybaby attitude. Blake Lively could perfectly play the bubbly, beautiful, blonde with ease.

Sailor Jupiter – Crystal Reed

Jupiter was one tough chick, and I loved her for it. She was physically the strongest of the scouts, and in my mind the most loyal. Teen Wolf has become a recent TV addiction of mine that I surprisingly love, and while Crystal Reed’s character Allison was annoying, she was a strong woman who could typically handle herself in a battle (that is until she SPOILER ALERT died). Reed has the ability to go from the nice girl next door to the “don’t mess with me or I will cut you” lady.

Sailor Mercury – Park Shin-hye

While Mercury was my least favourite scout, I must admit that she was a key member to the team. The scouts would have been lost without her as she was clearly the smartest and most logical of them all. Park Shin-hye has the ability to play the quiet “smart girl” who can be just as strong as anybody when she needs to be.

Sailor Mars – Arden Cho

Another one from Teen Wolf, Arden Cho can totally play a sassy strong woman that won’t be held back by a man (cough cough, Tuxedo Mask) or a crybaby (I’m looking at you Sailor Moon). Mars can sometimes be misunderstood, but she knows what’s right and knows what she has to do, no matter what the consequence is or who’s standing in her way.

Tuxedo Mask – Godfrey Gao

Ahhhh, Tuxedo Mask, aka the damsel in distress on this show (which I secretly love about him). Darien was the hunk that stole all the girls hearts when he came on the scene and made fun of Serena’s meatball (or dumpling) hair style. The entire show revolved around their love that was destined to be together. Godfrey Gao would make a perfect Darien because A) He’s hot B) He has a hint of mystery surrounding him and C) He’s hot. Need I go on?

Rini – Abigail Breslin

Rini was beyond annoying. Clearly she took on her mothers character traits, because she was just the worst. While it would have nice to cast her as someone half Asian (since Darien’s Asian), I couldn’t think of anyone else but Abigail Breslin. I think she can play a tough chick when she needs to, but can also tap into that bratty teen angst that Rini seems to have nailed down.

Sailor Uranus – Maggie Q

Uranus was a strong lady that didn’t take any crap from anyone. Her and her girlfriend Neptune (or cousin, depending on which version you’re following) were always seen as separate from the scouts, and with good reason. They were slightly cooler. I think Maggie Q would play Uranus well because she has the ability to act out that slightly cold and bitchy attitude very well. But at the end of the day, she’ll be there when you need her, and that’s all that matters.

Sailor Neptune – Lee Si-young

Neptune is your classic feminine beauty. While Uranus is all brass, she’s gentle and caring. She acts as a buffer between her girlfriend and the scouts, but will always side with Uranus in the end. I think Lee Si-young would make a great Neptune because she can perfectly play up her sex appeal in order to distract and get what she wants. Lee Si-young is no stranger to the role of femininity with her characters in many Korean Dramas, such as Playful Kiss.

Sailor Saturn – Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is probably too old for this role, but I think she has the perfect aura about her. Saturn was a child deprived of friends or any social contact. She’s cursed with the strongest power of all the scouts: destruction, death, and rebirth. Saturn has the ability to annihilate a planet, or even an entire star system if she chooses. I think Lucy Hale can play a character who seems delicate, vulnerable, and separate, but is ultimately strong.

Sailor Pluto – Evangeline Lilly

I’m not the biggest fan of Evangeline Lilly, and that’s mainly because of her role as Kate in one of my all time favourite shows, Lost. However, ever since her role as an elf in The Hobbit franchise, I think she could play Pluto well. Sailor Pluto is even more separate from the scouts than Uranus and Neptune, as she possesses powers of time, space, and the underworld. She’s calm, cool, collected, and radiates authority and strength.

Luna voice – Kate Beckinsale

For some reason, I just image Luna and Artemis having British accents. Don’t ask me why, I just think that when you’re doing a voice over anything done with an English accent is automatically better. Luna needs to be authoritative, wise, and have the ability to whip the Scouts (but mainly Serena) in shape. Kate Beckinsale is the gal for the job. Just image Celine from the Underworld franchise yelling at you to get in formation.

Artemis voice – Idris Elba

Again, voice overs need to be done with a British accent. And Idris is the perfect contender, I mean, have you watched Disney’s live action film of The Jungle Book yet? I always imagined Artemis to be a bit of a hard ass. And while he became more goofy as the seasons went on, I like to remember him as the man that kept Venus in shape and ready to fight evil solo.

What do you think of my dreamcast? Who would you cast in these roles?

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