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Model Iskra Lawrence Shows How To Easily Fake a Thigh Gap

In this day and age, people are OBSESSED with one thing and one thing only: being stick thin, no matter the consequence. And I for one am sick of it.

I’ve been known to do a few things here and there to try and “be skinny” (see my no carb diet post here). And while I love to head to the gym for a couple hours of pain & gain, I hate this idea that the society has become obsessed with being that perfect body type. Which sadly means that as woman, you have to be stick thin in order to be beautiful. And I’m not talking about slender, I mean bones out, rib cage showing, and a thigh gap is a must thin. And if you don’t fit in this little box, you’re fat, and must do everything you can to loose the weight.

Now, I’m not saying that to be thin is wrong. If that’s your body type go ahead girl! Do it up! I’m just saying that this pressure of unrealistic body sizes for all women is not okay.

Model Iskra Lawrence is now calling every social media star out on their bullshit. (Applause emoji) Time and time again, celebrities have been called out for photoshopping their Instagrams, and for giving themselves the much obsessed with loved, thigh gap  (I’m looking at you Beyoncé).

Iskra Lawrence, who is the face of the #aerieREAL campaign, recently took to her Instagram to prove how certain poses and angels you take can make such a big difference for thigh gaps. In her caption she writes:

no thigh gap or thigh gap who cares. We all think we want different things and we should because we are all different, there’s no wrong way just be the healthiest & happiest for you. I’ll be the first one to tell you pics are all about good lightening and angles. Always remember social medias not real life never let anyone else’s pics make you feel insecure about yourself. If you don’t look like her and she doesn’t look like you that’s how it’s meant to be. You are meant to be YOU no one else, your body is your home so love and respect it. When you look after it beautiful things happens

Preach girl! Preach.

I swear Lawrence is now my new fave model, as she’s no stranger to posting positive body image content on her Instagram. A few months ago she famously posted an untouched pix of her booty to point of that her cellulite and stretch marks are not flaws.

✨🌴 memories from CR.. I feel like many of us go through years of battling with ourselves. Struggling because society has given us such an unrealistic, narrow minded beauty ideal. But perfection doesn't exist. The best we can do is be unapologetically ourselves. 🌟I have been so humbled by all your support. I will do my best to spread as much positivity as I can through my "platform". I feel responsible to be as real as possible as I struggled with my body as a teen and felt like I had to change to look like the model I dreamt of being. When actually I was perfectly imperfect just the way I am. And so are you. ✨💕 #iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful there's nothing wrong with cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, back fat anything!🐯🐯⚡️⚡️ no one needs retouching because the real you is sexy wearing @aerie #waybackwednesday

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