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Archie Comics Dream Cast

I recently discovered that the Archie Comics are coming to the CW in the form of a new show called Riverdale.

Growing up, I loved reading the Archie Comics, and picking which character I loved the most and who I thought Archie should end up with. Are you team Betty or Veronica?

At first I was 100% team Betty. She was the kind one who deserved to be with Archie. Then I decided that I was team Veronica, she was sassy, fought for what she wanted, and didn’t spend her days obsessing over a boy. And then I decided that I was team Betty & Veronica. Both of them can do better and should leave Archie in their dust. Just saying

Below is my dream casting of who I’d want to play in these legendary roles. That’s not to say that I’m dismissing the CW’s casting choice, since I haven’t seen it yet I’m willing to give the show a chance. And also, please keep in mind that there are some characters I’ve left out on accounts that I don’t really remember them or know much about them (like Kevin, Nancy, and Moose).

Archie – Karl William Lund

Ever since the Archie Comics got itself a new facelift (click here to see what they look like now) Archie has become more than just a freckled face nerd. Instead he’s got a bit more swag and seems like a teenager that’s too cool for school. Plus, let’s remember that he successfully gets 3 beautiful girls to fall for him. So he’s got to be cute.

Veronica – Jessica Stroup

Veronica is a bitch. I think we can all agree on that. But she’s the bitch we just love to hate. Admit it, you secretly want to be her but would never want her as a friend. But she’s just so deliciously bad, that you can’t help but route for her. I think Jessica Stroup is beautiful and could play the role of using her sexuality to get what she wants well.

Betty – Gabriella Wilde

Whoever plays Betty has to be sweet, down to earth, girl next door vibe. I think that Gabriella Wilde can play that vulnerability well. But I also believe that she can tap into the issues of the Betty character, a woman that allows herself to be walked all over in the name of love. Perhaps she’ll find the inner strength and move on from Archie. Here’s hoping!

Jughead – Ezra Miller

I think that Ezra Miller is a fabulous actor. I loved him in the Perks of Being a Wallflower, think he’ll play an excellent Flash in DC’s lineup, and was super creepy in We Need to Talk About Kevin. I think he’d play the perfect laid back, sarcastic character of Jughead that we’ve all come to love.

Reggie – Colton Haynes

Let’s just imagine him with dark hair for a second. If any of you have watch Arrow on The CW or Teen Wolf on MTV then you know how well Colton Haynes can play the sexy, brooding, rich, asshole. He would play the perfect Reggie. The character you love to hate. And secretly want to date.

Cheryl Blossom – Cintia Dicker

Cheryl is the sexy girl that causes nothing but problems in Riverdale. She’s the girl that’s able to steal Archie away from both Betty and Veronica with no remorse. I must say I don’t know anything about Cintia Dicker’s acting abilities, but when I think of Cheryl Blossom, all I can imagine is Dicker.

Valerie Brown – Katerina Graham

Valerie is fun, stable, and takes nothing from no body. She’s calm, cool, and collected. In my mind, she’s one of the best characters from the comics because she’s just all around fun to be around #DramaFree. And correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t her and Archie have a romantic spark eventually? I really feel like that’s a thing. Plus bonus, Katerina Graham can sing in real life!

Melody Valentine – Gigi Hadid

Melody is a beautiful idiot, and we love her for it. I don’t know much about Gigi Hadid except that she owes her modelling career to her family being on the Real Housewives. Like bestie Kendal Jenner, she’s famous just cause, but seems like she’d be nice. In the words of Daisy from The Great Gatsby “That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool”.

Josie – Holland Roden

Josie needs to be a fun loving and care free character. I think that Holland Roden would play this character well because she can work hard and play hard all at the same time.

Mr. Weatherbee – Michael Chiklis

Ahhh good ol’ Mr. Weatherbee! The man was literally tormented by these kids. When I used to read this back in elementary school, Mr. Weatherbee represented what all kids hated: growing up. He was a no-nonsense man who needed to be reminded every so often what it means to be young again. A lesson we could all learn every now and again.

What do you think of my dream cast? Don’t forget to check out more here.


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