My Little Universe

I Think I Hate People Who “Know It All”

To be honest, the world is full of difficult personalities. And while you can’t be expected to get along with everyone, I like to think that I can for the most part. Except for know it alls. I actually can’t stand people that act all high and mighty, and think they’re always right and/or better. I ain’t got time for that.

People that won’t listen to your point of view or are too stick in their own ways are super annoying. It’s like having a conversation with the wall. They’d much rather hear the sound of their own voice than to engage in a conversation. It makes me wonder, what am I even doing in this conversation. You could just sit in front of a mirror and talk amongst yourself. Just chatting away with the voices in your head.

But on a serious note, dealing with people that think they are Gods gift to man can be challenging. It’s tough to try and find common ground with someone who doesn’t want to have anything in common with you. It’s their way or the highway, and the only way they’ll listen is if you agree.

I don’t really like arguing with people. Nothing annoys me more than raised voices or when people talk over each other. It just feels like nothing gets done. I’d much rather a calm discussion, but not everyone’s wired that way. I get it. But when you’re trying to talk and someone talks over you, or someone treats you like a child, or someone completely disregards what you say…I’m not about that life.

So seriously guys, how do you deal with people like this? Especially if they’re constantly in your day-to-day lives.

I guess you sometimes have to hold back your tongue and deal with it, but I honestly feel like it’ll all come ahead in one big blow out. And when that happens. TAKE COVER!

What do you think? Do you find know it alls to be annoying?


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