X-Men vs DC: An Epic Showdown

I know that I typically put Marvel vs DC in epic showdowns, but today I thought it would be fun to look at the showdown of a lifetime: The X-Men vs DC!

For those of you that don’t know, I’m WAY more of a DC girl, and I full heartedly believe (and know to be true) that DC would obliterate Marvel (I’m talking comics and not the cinematic universe). And that’s not because they’re the original and came up with all their characters before Marvel came out with copies of each one (i.e The Flash was released in 1940 while Quicksilver in 1964), it’s simply because I think they’re harder, better, faster, stronger.

And before anyone goes on a tangent on how know one could defeat The Hulk, here are some options to shut that right down. Superman could beat him by flying The Hulk into space, Martian Manhunter could beat him by getting into his head, Zatanna could because, magic, and The Flash could beat him as well since he can control the Speed Force. Or if you want to go with the villains, there’s Doomsday, Darkseid, Brainiac…shall I go on?

Anyhow, I digress. Although The X-Men are technically a part of Marvel, I’ve always considered them to be separate because they’re just so freaking amazing. And because they represent Marvels only real original content they didn’t copy from DC, so that definitely deserves to be commended.

I must say, that if push comes to shove, I’d totally be on Magneto’s side. Who wants to save mankind when they’re nothing but fickle? And we’ve proved time and time again, that we’ll always fear something we don’t understand. #TeamMagneto

That being said, with the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse film coming out (can’t wait!), for this round, I’d like to look at who would win in a fight between Angel and Hawkgirl. Since both have been brought into the mainstream with the X-Men film and the CW shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


Warren Worthington III has gone through quite a few character changes. But as of right now, he’s most known as being a dark Archangel that comes from wealth but leaves it all behind to help. Angel has the power of flight due to his wings that posses superhuman strength. Aside from that, Angel posses great speed and agility, as well as incredible eyesight and hearing. He’s known for besting others that are considered stronger than he is due to his reflexes and amazing combat skills that he developed while dating the mutant Psylocke and working with Black Canary #NoBigDeal. Once Apocalypse gets a hold of him, Angel’s wings are upgraded to having organic-like material that resembles the same steel Colossus’ body is made of. The wings have tremendous force and are described as being razor sharp.


Like Angel, Hawkgirl can fly. And before we get into this, let’s please PLEASE not compare her with the monstrosity that is her character on CW’s show Legends of Tomorrow. Because she is just the worst. Much worse than Laurel was as Black Canary on Arrow, and that’s saying something.

Okay so Hawkgirl, also known as Shiera Hall, is a reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara, and partner of Carter Hall (aka Hawkman). Shiera is ruthless, posses superhuman strength, vision, and enhanced healing. She wields a mace of Nth metal and has several lifetimes of knowledge in hand-to-hand combat. Hawkgirl and Hawkman are locked in a seemingly endless cycle of death and rebirth throughout the centuries that technically allows the pair to cheat death. While Hawkgirl is a badass (and borderline vicious) in her own right, she rubs heads with other Justice League members because she is first and foremost a warrior. The mission is what drives her and nothing else. Sorry guys, Hawkgirl ain’t here to make friends.

I hate to admit it, because Hawkgirl is one of my all time fave DC characters (I’m taking Shiera and NOT Kendra), but I went back and forth with crowning a winner. And while I almost gave the crown to Angel, as he’s a formidable contender, I think Shiera just barely takes the crown. With Apocalypses help, maybe Angel would be the winner, but alone, I don’t think he can stand up to the warrior priestess. Sorry guys.


Who do you think should win?


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