My Little Universe

Worst Roommate. Like. Ever

I like to fondly look back at my time in university as the time when I was living the dream! All those late night party adventures, random study dates that turned into gossip sessions, and of course the drama.

First year I lived on residence and had a pod of four rooms, two bathrooms and a living area. There were six of use girls that shared this pod which inevitably lead to drama. If Mean Girls taught us anything it’s that women fight sneaky, dirty, and behind your back. There may have been a few “army of skanks” I had to fight through to take down my Regina George. I’d never really experienced girl world or girl drama as I only had like two close girlfriends back in high school, the rest of my friends were all guys. So this was all new territory to me. And I hated it.

The girl I shared my room with was a party animal, so at first I thought we’d got along famously. Eventually that died as I realized she was slightly insane. Every so often she would decide to be mad at me and ignore me for weeks, all the while blasting me on social media. Like clockwork, every Thursday I would come home to find her shacked up with a different guy, and while I didn’t care how many new boys she hung out with (after all, we’re young and free), I always asked that she’d tell me ahead of time, so that I wouldn’t be waking up to sexy time. Of course, she never did.

It only went downhill from there, this one boy of hers broke into our room high as a kite and got into her bed while chatting with me until she came home – let’s just say I was less than pleased and boarder line worried about what games he’d want to play, after all, she didn’t know him very well, so obviously neither did I. This was of course after he caused a scene at the bar and was chased down by security (all of which I wasn’t made aware of until after). She eventually came home, threw up in my laundry hamper (at least it was empty #hallelujah), and feel asleep with homeboy snoring all night long.

I told her that this couldn’t continue and she decided to tell everyone on the floor that this guy and I were having a secret affair even though his girlfriend lived on the same floor. Sufficed to say, all the women hated me after that one. This was my version of having an “army of skanks” to deal with.

Once things finally died down, she decided that she’d had enough of us and moved out of the pod. Finally my dreams were answered, but unfortunately that was not to be the end of it. We circled around a similar group of friends in third and fourth year, so ever so often I would see her and be reminded of our magical adventures in first year.

If anything, my university experiences taught me one thing. Never live with girls, never have a roommate again, and give everything a hard no when it comes to girl drama. Ah well, c’est la vie.


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