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Condo Shopping Woes

I would like to take this time to talk about the legit struggle that is buying a condo. Or any home for that matter. While it’s exciting to take that next step in the role of adulting, it’s still the most taxing process ever.

My sister and I are buying a condo (applause emoji)! Yes we’ve decided it’s time to participate in this world we call being an adult and take one of the final steps in growing up – buying property.

Now the two of us have spent most of our lives living in the suburbs (minus living away for University and that stunt of living in Korea for a year), so we’re ready for the big lights of the city. Instead of moping around suburbia hell for all eternity, we want to run through the 6ix with our woes, I mean, you guys know how that should go right?

So off we go, on our new adventure. At first it was so much fun, but now it’s just upsetting. We’ve tried and failed with two places, and now my sister and I are getting discouraged. I just want to move out!!!

Making appointments to go see places, emails from our Real Estate agents at all hours, having to constantly make and revise offers, going back and forth, the continuous bidding wars. Urg! It’s enough to drive anyone mad.

This is just further proof that adulting is hard work, and clearly not for everyone, but we’ve all got to grow up sometime right?

Wish us luck! Maybe third times the charm


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