Mutant And Proud: Which Powers Do You Wish You Had?

I always joke with my sister about wanting to have Mutant powers. So I thought it would be fun to discuss which powers I want and why.

6. Time Travel

If I had the power to go back in time and change a few things, you’d better believe that I’d do it. People always say that we learn from our mistakes or that everything happens for a reason, and while I’m inclined to agree, ultimately I just don’t. Life is just an accumulation of random occurrences that we piece together. If I had to power to change and control those random occurrences to make my life go from 0-100 real quick, hells yea I would! I just want to be like Hiro Nakamura from the TV show Heroes and control space and time.

5. Repeat Anything I’ve Seen

Speaking of Heroes, do you guys remember the character Monica Dawson? She had the ability to repeat whatever she saw with perfect accuracy. Imagine if you had the power to download huge amounts of information within a split second? I would be just like Trinity from The Matrix! This would make exams a breeze. I could become a karate master in seconds, or even major in a million different things at once. The world would literally be my oyster. I’d just to make sure that I have the ability to turn it on and off. I can’t have my brain full of too much information, I might overload.

4. Teleportation

I have the worst commute into the city for work, and it’s driving me batshit (hence my condo shopping woes), so if I had the power to teleport into work everyday, my world would be perfect. No more waking up at 6am, no more waiting for the subway, no more crowds on the streetcar! Omg. Can we all please have a moment of silence for this glorious dream I’m having?

3. Shapeshifting

Mystique is one of my favourite X-men characters, and while it’s not just because of her shapeshifting abilities, they seriously help. How cool would it be to transform into a completely different person? Or to become a bird and have the ability to fly? Or see the oceans from the perspective of a dolphin? If I had shapeshifting powers I would make myself look like a celebrity and walk the streets just for fun. Is that bad?

2. Power of Persuasion

So if you don’t watch the Netflix show Jessica Jones, stop everything and watch it. Because seriously, the character Purple Man, aka Kilgrave, makes this power look so freaking unbelievable. Without a second thought, he’s able to make anyone do his biding just by talking to them. Oh the things I could do with this power. Stop world hunger, get hired at any job, help terror in neighbouring countries. Like seriously, this would make me unstoppable! Hopefully I’d know where to draw the line and not become a sociopath like Kilgrave. Fingers crossed guys.

1. Telekinesis + Telepathy

Being able to move virtually anything with your mind? Sign me up! I’d like to have this power minus all the set backs, like headaches and knowing what everyone’s thinking all the time. Like the power to repeat anything I see, I’d want to be able to turn this power on and off. It may be nice to know if the guy I’ve been crushing on forever actually likes me. It would also be nice to be able to pick up the remote without moving. To be honest, I’m noticing a pattern here: all of these powers just pinpoint my inherent need to be lazy…whoopsie!

If you could have any mutant powers, what would they be? And why?


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