Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2

The second trailer for Star Trek Beyond is out, and I must admit, it looks much better than the first trailer they released.

I have mixed feelings on the new Star Trek films, while they are incredibly enjoyable and do have some fun throwbacks to the original series, the films will never feel like real Star Trek to me. I think the films are far too catered to the masses, and those of us that have been true trek fans from the beginning get lost in the crowd. However, I’m trying not to let that get to me. Because the same can be said of all nerdy things I love being turned into films: comic book movies, the new Star Wars films or even books turned to films, it’s honestly whatever you can think of. Nothing is sacred, it’s all just a bandwagon effect, so with that being said, I am excited for this new film. I just have to constantly remind myself that it’s not a Star Trek film, it’s more an action/sci fi film.

Some things I liked about this trailer is that they finally ditched the Beastie Boys music for the trailer. I’m not sure who thought that would be a good idea, but I’m glad they listened to the fans uproar and got rid of it.

This trailer shows a bit more on what the film’s going to be about, which I didn’t really grasp in the first one. Seems like the Enterprise is knee deep in their famous 5 year mission (which is what the original series is all about) and they get attacked by a swarm of machine looking aliens (does this remind anyone of the Borg? I’m kidding, but kind of not) and the ship gets destroyed while the crew’s taken prisoner by Idris Elba’s character, an alien who hates the Federation named Krall.

Like the first film, another iconic Star Trek emblem will get destroyed in this third instalment. In the first one it was the entire planet Vulcan, thus killing off many characters and ruining future Star Trek series (Voyager anyone? Killing Spocks mother?). Now, it looks like they’re taking it one step further by destroying the Enterprise, because why not? However, at the end of this trailer, it looks like they’re flying the Enterprise NX-1! Oh. My. That would be Archer’s ship from the Star Trek Enterprise series, and the only Star Trek series that doesn’t have an altered timeline thanks the first film with the introduction to the Roman Nero.

I won’t lie. I’m pretty excited for that.

Even though J.J. Abrams isn’t set to direct this one (as his focus has clearly shifted over to Star Wars), new director Justin Lin (from the Fast and Furious franchise) hasn’t really learned from Abrams mistakes. In a universe full of aliens that we know and love, we are once again, not privy to seeing any of them. And while you may argue that in Kirk’s time we hadn’t met most of these aliens, Abrams already ruined the continuity by introducing the Klingons, the Romulans, and Lord knows who else from his first Star Trek film, in literally the first scene! So why can’t some of the aliens in this film be ones that we know? Cause they’re not catering to trek fans, that’s why. Sigh.

Watch the trailer above. Are you excited for the new Beyond film?


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