Summertime Sadness

Happy 30th Birthday Lana

Today is Lana Del Rey is turning 31, and much like last year I thought I’d do something special to commemorate this blessed event.

So I was on the web and found a fun quiz on this site called playbuzz to discover “Which Lana Del Rey Song/Music Video I Am”.

In the past I’ve tried to narrow down my favourite Lana songs based on the lyrics (because for me, it’s all about the lyrics). And while I stumbled along the way, I think I finally decided that Ride is my all time fave (at least for now). So imagine my joy when I discovered that Ride is ultimately the Song/Music Video I belong to! (applause emoji)

According to the site I am: You’re one of a kind, an untamed yet intelligent person who’s been through a lot. You use your past grief and pain to make the best of your life, which makes you a great example to others. You tend to be fragile and vulnerable, but you don’t see that as a bad thing. You’ve learned to take care of yourself, yet people around you tend to be protective, which isn’t weird because you can be a bit naïve sometimes. Yet you approach others with a great amount of kindness, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re a crazy, free being!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how accurate this little quiz turned out to be. Now maybe I’m just pushing my past into these words in order to find some sort of connection, or maybe I’m just so pleased that I got Ride and will do anything to make it work. Or, just maybe Lana and I are soul mates and this is all meant to be ❤ Either way I don’t care! This is the best news! It’s seriously almost as good as finding out I belong to Hufflepuff in Harry Potter! #GirlCrush

Take the quiz to find out what Song/Music Video you are here


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