House of M

One of my all time favourite X-Men story lines is House of M. This is when Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch) suffered a mental breakdown and tried to alter the fabric of reality; thus creating a world where Mutants are the prodomintent species and everything’s all good in the hood…for awhile.

In this world, Mutants have complete control over governments and overall culture. Meanwhile, those without mutant powers are looked down on as inferior, which is a hilariously ironic, as that’s how mutants are typically treated.

I won’t lie, I kind of love this world. Mutant and proud! The whole point of the X-Men (and the reason why they’re the best thing about Marvel) is it’s in depth analysis on conflict between mutants and humans, which can be compared to real-world conflicts experienced by minority groups everywhere. The X-Men are not just used as a way to entertain, but have an important message behind them, which is why I love them so much.

In this new world that Wanda has created, due to her inability to control her powers, everything has changed: Spider-Man is a celebrity and married to Gwen Stacy; Cyclops and Emma Frost are married; Doctor Strange is a psychologist; Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel, America’s most beloved superhero; while my fave Gambit is a criminal. The only person unaffected by this change is Wolverine and he soon discovers that Magneto rules the world with his House of M. Magneto used Wanda’s abilities to created a world where most of the mutants got what they wanted.

Not content with all these changes, Wolverine gets whoever he can find of the X-Men and Avengers together to stop Magneto. It’s in this battle that Magneto kills his son, Quicksilver and Wanda gets all kinds of pissed. Saying that her father ruined their lives, choosing mutants over everything else, including his family. Then she whispers those fateful words “No more mutants”.

Once the words are spoken, the world seemingly changes back to normal, except for the small fact that there’s basically no more mutants…anywhere. They all lost their powers, and have become human. Meanwhile, Professor X, Wanda and her brother Quicksilver are all missing.

I love this story line because I enjoy alternate realities in books, TV and film. It gives us the opportunity to see what could have been, and suggests that one small change can ultimately affect everything.

Have you read House of M? Are you team Magneto or Xavier?


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