Game of Thrones: How I Knew Who Jon Snow’s Parents Were The Whole Time

Now that the explosive 6th season finale for Game of Thrones has aired, we’ve finally been given the true identity behind Jon Snow’s lineage. And while it was perfectly executed, I have to say that I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Ps, if you aren’t caught up in the show, major spoiler alerts below.

Now, I’ve never read the books, but from the very first episode, it always struck me as odd that Ned would have a bastard child. He seemed so loyal and in love with his wife. At first I just shrugged it off, but as the show continued I knew it couldn’t be true, Ned was just too much of a good guy to play those games.

Then we learned about his relationship with King Robert Baratheon and how much he loved Ned’s sister Lyanna Stark who passed away. It was in the first season that I decided Jon must have been the son of Ned’s deceased sister, Lyanna, as he once told Jon that he will always be a Stark and has Stark blood in his veins (clue number 1).

It was around the second (or third season, I really can’t remember anymore) that I decided that Jon was probably Robert’s son, delivered on Lyanna’s deathbed, and therefore the rightful heir to the iron throne. Although, I never quite worked out why Ned had to hid him from Robert, so I quickly realized that this couldn’t be the case; his father had to be someone else. Someone that would make Robert hate Jon enough that Ned had to hid him from the king. Thus, his father could be none other than Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, older brother of Daenerys and cause of King Robert’s Rebellion, which began due to Rhaegar abducting Lyanna.

I figured he and Lyanna either had an affair or he raped her, either way the result was Jon, who she died in childbirth to have. Ned raised Jon as his own in order to protect him, knowing that if Robert ever found out who his father was, he’d kill Jon just as he killed his father Rhaegar.

When this was all revealed on Sunday nights episode I was beyond excited. The entire series has led up to that moment, with hints of it early on through Bran Starks journey as the Three-eyed raven.

All in all, this has been the best season for Game of Thrones (aside from the first which will forever be spectacular). Season 5 was a bit of a rough patch for me, it was definitely my least favourite of the bunch. But this season has surpassed every expectation I ever had. I never wanted it to end! This season was pure gold!

What did you think about Jon Snow’s lineage being revealed? Did you know it all along?

7 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: How I Knew Who Jon Snow’s Parents Were The Whole Time”

  1. Kinda made sense when I first heard the theory which probably became the worst kept secret aha really interesting to see how that affects Dany’s claim. Don’t wanna see the two squabbling over a pointy chair.

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