Lights, Camera, Action

Rihanna’s Sledgehammer Video From Star Trek Beyond Debuts

Looks like Riri is back at it again!

Fresh off the news of Rihanna’s team up with Dior on the new Star Trek inspired sunglasses, is the release of her new single “Sledgehammer” from the motion picture Star Trek Beyond.

The video is on some next level futuristic vibes, and I’m about that life. Rihanna is decked out in intergalactic gear with elements of otherworldly alien style. She’s controlling the elements on her alien planet as well as the Borg looking machines from the Star Trek Beyond trailer. So you know, just another day for Rihanna.

The cool thing about this video is that it was shot entirely in IMAX, so, even if you’re reduced to watching it on your smartphone, you can envision how epic it would be on an enormous IMAX screen. In fact, you don’t have to image, as the video will air in IMAX theatres for the film, so you know, winning.

Do you like the “Sledgehammer” video? Are you excited for Star Trek Beyond?


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