Why Captain Janeway Doesn’t Deserves Your Crap

For some mysterious reason, Star Trek Voyager has always gotten such a bad rep, but I am a huge fan of Voyager, so I’m here to defend the crew and their amazing captain (who I happen to love), Janeway.

Voyager was a ship that got stranded in the Delta Quadrant after their mission to locate a missing Maquis vessel had them encounter the Caretaker; a powerful alien that threw them 70,000 light years across the galaxy.

Without Starfleet or any allies to speak of, Janeway must find a way to bring both the Starfleet and the Maquis crew together while trying to find a way home. Now, here’s where I understand why people aren’t the biggest fan of Janeway, she does get a little “holier than thou” when it comes to her Starfleet principles and refuses to listen to anyone but herself. It would have been nice to see the Voyager crew do things that Starfleet wouldn’t have sanctioned. To see what it would have been like if they went off the deep end, after all, some of my favourite Voyager episodes focused on alternate realities when the crew was evil.

I always found the USS Equinox story line to be more interesting, as they were also a Starfleet ship that was similarly brought to the Delta Quadrant (courtesy of the Caretaker). Instead of staying on the straight and narrow path, they did some questionable things to do whatever it took to get home. Albeit, Janeway was clearly right, since the Equinox ultimately got destroyed and lost almost all of their crew, but watching their journey toward destruction would have been an interesting and completely new perspective for Star Trek.

Aside from all that, I think Janeway was a great captain, especially since the had the most annoying first office, doctor, and chef/ambassador to deal with. She was a no nonsense woman that put her crew first above all else (except her Starfleet principles, but what can you do?), yes she was a little self righteous, but all she had was herself to depend on. When you feel alone, you tend to depend on the constants that you understand and know to be absolute; so can we really blame her?

Let’s look at some of her accomplishments shall we? Janeway made peace with Species 8472; Janeway brought resolution to the Q Civil War; Janeway completed her 75 year mission is 7 years; Janeway literally told the space version of Satan to go back to hell; Janeway saved thousands of alien lives on her adventure; Janeway helped Seven get her humanity back, and my personal favourite, Janeway can give the stink eye like no one’s business.

Truth is, Janeway just ain’t got time for your shit.

Now, I may be a tad bias, as Janeway was the first female to take the captains chair and hold a series. And damn, did she ever own that chair. Janeway went down with the ship more times than I can count, she owned that bridge in a way only a woman can, and she demanded respect. As a child, I was used to see Captain Kirk or Picard barking out orders with their trusted male first officers. Seeing Janeway was like my eyes opened for the first time. She was up there with Xena and Wonder Woman for me. And for that, I will always thank her. I don’t care if people don’t like her politics or straight up loyalty to Starfleet. Janeways was a boss. I think what made her such an amazing character was that the show chose to deal with the question of a female captain by not making it a question. Boom. Mic dropped.

What do you think about Voyager and it’s Captain Janeway?


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