Worst Superhero Casting

Sometimes, films absolutely nail it when it comes to casting actors in roles (Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool anyone?). And then there are those that are horribly cast, to the point of almost ruining a film. Like for real though.

Here are some God awful casting choices in superhero films that had me scratching my head in utter disbelief. I’ve also included who I think could have probably done a better job because I enjoy dream casting and such things.

Halle Berry as Storm

Let’s face it, Storm has never been given her moment in the sun. She’s an amazing character and one of the strongest X-Men, yet she somehow gets overlooked in every X-Men film (click here to listen to my bitch about this more). Just this once, I’d like to see a good actress, play the character of a wise, powerful and loyal queen. Unfortunately, Halle Berry just didn’t quite do it. Instead, she’s remembered for delivering one of the worst lines in X-Men history, and was literally useless through all 3 films.

Who they should have cast: Angela Bassett

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She’s obviously an accomplished actress and seems like a really cool girl (slight girl crush #NBD). But for some reason, I just couldn’t believe her as Mystique. Maybe it was that in the first X-Men First Class film she was too chatty, too whinny, and was literally useless. However, she redeemed herself in Days of Future Past. She was much stronger, but there was still something off about her. It was like Lawrence played the character with no thought on how the character was originally portrayed by Rebecca Romijn. And for me, if you’re going to play a character that we’ve already seen an older version of on the big screen, you need to pull things from what that actress (or actor) has done. Lawrence just kinda did her own thing, and it drove me slightly nuts.

Who they should have cast: Natalie Dormer

Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider

This movie was awful and sadly most of that was due to Nicholas Cage. To be honest, it’s really touch and go when it comes to Cage for me. He’s either perfect for the role (see Kick-Ass or Face Off) or he’s just, well Nicholas Cage. There’s really no in between. He didn’t really capture the whole dark hot-shot biker Johnny Blaze.

Who they should have cast: Charlie Hunnam
Special shot out for Norman Reedus

Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman

I like Jessica Alba, she seems lovely and really down to earth, but I didn’t like her as Susan Storm. While I know that Alba is a smart and accomplished woman (you don’t build your own company off of nothing after all) I just couldn’t grasp the idea that she was a chief genetics researcher. Sorry guys, not buying it.

Who they should have cast: Naomi Watts
Special shot out for Anna Torv

January Jones as Emma Frost

For some reason, January Jones looked like she was watching paint dry in her role as the devious Emma Frost. For a character that’s so complex, she ended up being  a stand in of a hot girl wearing tight clothes and having her boobs out. It was pretty bad.

Who they should have cast: Ali Larter

Halle Berry as Catwoman

Somehow Halle Berry has ended up back on my list, and this time it’s with another comic book character I love, Catwoman. Halle Berry may be many things, but a believable bad ass she is not. The film was a mess, the plot was awful, everything got butchered, and once again Halle Berry ruined another epic comic book character. We’ve seen Catwoman portrayed by amazing actresses, such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway, but if we could pick another actress for the role who would it be?

Who they should have cast: Eva Green

Topher Grace as Venom

Venom is supposed to be a violent and scary (I’d say borderline sociopathic) character who uses intimidation against his enemies, not a 90-pound guy with spiky blonde hair. There was nothing intimidating about Grace, making his portrayal of Venom as nothing short of laughable.

Who they should have cast: Dominic Purcell

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Yes, I’m still on this, I did not like the casting of Gal Gadot in the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film. And while I’ve extensively discussed my issues with the casting choice (click here for more), what it all comes down to is that Gadot represents the exact opposite of what the iconic character is all about. And while her acting was alright for what she was given. I’m sure anyone could have done the same, or better.

Who they should have cast: Check out my picks earlier here

Who do you think is the worst superhero casting?


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