Okay kiddies, for those of you that are devastated that 1. Game of Thrones’s second best season has come to an end, and 2. That we have to wait an extra long time for season 7 to come back into our lives, then this post is for you!

Samuel L. Jackson took it upon himself to give the funniest Game of Thrones synopsis that you’ll ever see. It features a lot of swearing, yelling, and reminders not that while winter is coming (or in our case it’s finally here), don’t get attached to any character. Especially if they’re last name’s Stark.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome! P.s if you haven’t caught up on Game of Thrones (seriously what’s wrong with you?) this video has some serious spoiler alerts. You’ve been warned.

2 thoughts on “Samuel L. Jackson Gives The BEST Game of Thrones Synopsis

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