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I’ve Got A Bone To Pick With The World


Sadly, it seems like the world is going to hell in a handbasket. There are so many awful things that are just now getting attention, yet society seems to still be fascinated with stupid, borderline superficial things. And I’m tired of it.

Black Lives Matter. Donald and Melania Trump. Cop killings. Killing unarmed youth.

These are serious issues that are being brought into the light more and more; and rightly so. People fighting for equality isn’t something that’s new; in fact, it’s been going on for decades. But the fact that more and more acts of blatant racism have been caught on camera is forcing society to address it. However, with these conversations come opposing views – of course all lives are important. No one has the right to say that one life is more valuable than another. As we all know, that was the way of the world once upon a time during a little time called slavery (heavy on the sarcasm). However, that’s not what Black Lives Matter is getting at. They’re trying to argue that, while all life is important, right now we need to focus on the lives that are being targeted, mistreated, and exploited due to the colour of their skin. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all cops are the problem. It’s completely unjustified to say that an entire group of people are all the same, because they’re not. People should in no way shape or form encourage all the cop killings that have happened as of late. I have to say, I’m looking around at the world and what I’m seeing is terrifying.

Donald and Melania Trump. Two actual idiots. Now, I’m sorry if you’re a Trump supporter, but I just don’t get it. He’s probably one of the most condescending, sexist, racist, bigots I’ve ever had to watch on television. And that, along with the fact that he constantly contradicts himself should be enough to make people not vote for him. Alas, people are dumb. And his wife (who I’d like to point out to Donald is an immigrant) literally copied the First Lady Michelle Obama’s convention speech from 2008…Lord give me strength with the Trumps.

And yet, with all of this going around the world, what is it that is constantly on my feed? Pokémon and Taylor Swift.

To be honest, I was never into Pokémon growing up, so I don’t really understand what Pokémon Go is. All I know is that by playing it people have literally walked into on coming traffic, off a cliff, and been mugged because they are too busy on their phones. To me, this is a whole new kind of issue that’s taking over the world. I mean, we’re practically already so obsessed with technology and our phones as it is. Do we really need another form of distraction?

And then, there’s the Kimye Swifty battle that has turned savage. I won’t lie to you, I’m kinda loving what’s going on here. I secretly care about the take down of Taylor Swift, and that’s not good. How is possible that I can spend hours of my day searching for information about the beef instead of finding out what’s going on in the world? You know, I didn’t even hear about Baton Rouge police shooting until today? Meanwhile, I knew all about the Swifty beef the minute it hit the web. Not good.

Quick synopsis, Taylor Swift was playing the victim (once again) when Kanye West released his song Famous, in which he cited “I made that bitch famous” in regards to Swift (not cool Kanye). She fired back saying not to let anyone try to take credit for your accomplishments and that she had no idea about the song or that he’d call her a bitch. Fast forward to Nancy Drew wife Kim Kardashian who released a video recording of Kanye on the phone with Swift asking her if she was okay with the lyrics before he released the song. Oh snap. Drop the mic.

Lines quickly got divided. Some stars jumped on the Taylor take down like Pharrell and Katy Perry, while Swifty’s little squad jumped to her rescue asking the world to focus on the important things in life. At first I thought it was hilarious that Swift’s only defence was to focus on something else, because it’s so clear that she’s in the wrong and was just trying to play the victim and get attention (AGAIN), but then it got me thinking that while I can’t stand mean girl Swift and am glad that other people are seeing what I saw in her years ago, her squad is ultimately right. There are more important things to focus on right now. And while I’ve secretly been waiting for this Taylor Swift take down, it’s not important, it’s not necessary, and deep down it’s not right. I must admit that one thing Swift did get right during her time in the sun is that we (and I mean the global ‘we’ here) need to support each other instead of tearing each other apart (unless you’re dealing with a Trump, then by all means tear that fool down).

Except Swifty has made a career out of tearing people down publicly…so I guess there’s that.


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