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The Infernal Devices Dream Cast

I enjoy doing dream casts on my fave books, films or video games; whatever you can think of you name it! And as I thoroughly enjoy my tween series books, I did a dream cast on one of my favourite series The Mortal Instruments (click here to check out it). Now it’s time to look at its spin off series, The Infernal Devices.

The Infernal Devices takes place decades before The Mortal Instruments, and takes a look at the ancestors of the Fairchild, Herondale and Lightwood families. And of course, there’s a love triangle that has a rather interesting way of figuring it out in the end.

Since I have done a casting list for the Mortal Instruments before, certain characters that are in both series I will not include. So I’m sorry to say that you won’t be seeing Magnus Bane or Camille Belcourt on this list as I’ve already cast them here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you agree with my list? Who do you think should be cast for The Infernal Devices? Be sure to check out more dream casts here.


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