Summertime Sadness

It Finally Happened. I Saw Lana Del Rey Live

Photo taken by yours truly JasmineShanelle on Instagram

This weekend was Osheaga in Montréal, and while I went up for a friends birthday, let’s be honest here, I went mainly to see the love of my life, Lana Del Rey.

Osheaga had an amazing line up this year, with artists like Future, Bastille, Daughter, M83, HAIM, and more! I was lucky to see practically everyone that I wanted, but Lana stole the show. I’m not even kidding, my friend and I almost cried.

I’ve heard all the rumours about how Lana Del Rey isn’t good live. Many people are straight up haters and like to spread the lie that she can’t sing. However, I’m here to put an end to that bull. She was amazing! No joke she almost took my breath away, and I promise you, anyone who was in that audience will say the same thing.

Lana’s not a dancer, so her stage presence was all about her voice and the music, which is what she’s always been known for anyhow. The audience lost their minds with every song, every giggle, and every little movement she blessed us with! And then to add to it, she even went out onto the floor to take selfies and sign autographs with her fans.

I read a review that was trying to drag Lana down, by saying that her taking selfies and signing autographs was a bad moment in the show; trying to argue that her making her fans happy was a flaw…yes that makes total sense. Lana seemed grateful and happy to have her fans there and supporting her. She was clearly pleased to be at Osheaga and wanted to convey her happiness with us. But nooooooo, people had to go and try to ruin that.

Don’t worry girl, keep doing what you’re doing! You were amazing and we love you.


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