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My Cat Belongs In House Slytherin

I like to waste time by getting lost in the world of Buzzfeed quizzes, and this time I decided to take a hilarious Harry Potter quiz to tell me what house my cat would have belonged to had she still been alive. RIP baby

My cat’s name was Mischa, and to me she was the most perfect thing ever. But for others, she was slightly known for being a bitch…which I loved. Mischa only cared about me, so anyone that got between her and her happiness was practically useless to her. Now that’s loyalty for you!

The quiz allowed me to answer questions based on how Mischa would have reacted to certain situations. Similar to my Pottermore quiz that placed my in Hufflepuff (as I suspected), this quiz placed Mischa in one of J.K Rowling’s house: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

And where did she land? Why Slytherin of course! And the description for a cat in Slytherin is that: It’s not that your cat is evil, it’s just that your cat has evil thoughts sometimes. Your cat loves you, but isn’t the biggest fan of the rest of the world. One day, your cat will get out from under the bed and use cunning and guile to take over your home and run things the right way…dry food for all, legalized catnip, and multiple breakfast times. But you’ll have a role in this future – as chief door-opener and can opener – so don’t worry too much…

My cat showered me with love and affection. She slept in my bed every night, she curled up next to me everyday, and she used to follow me around the house. As for the rest of the world…not so much. Mischa always seemed like a conniving, sly, little fuzzball. She was up to something, and if she ever wanted to, she could have plotted to take over the world. Hands down.

Always and forever Mischa, I love you. Slytherin house and all.


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