Lights, Camera, Action

Some Of The Most Satisfying TV Show Deaths

Another bites the dust. And it’s about damn time.

Sometimes your entire life can come crashing down when you must bid adieu to a TV character that you’ve come to love (like every Lost episode). And for awhile there, you secretly hate the show and decide to boycott it for all of one day. But then there are those other TV deaths that are just so freaking satisfying, and honestly couldn’t have happened sooner. #SorryNotSorry

Now, let’s try to remember that I haven’t watched every TV show out there, so I’m sure there will be a few characters missing. And because I enjoyed many of these deaths so much, my order is randomly selected.

Check out my picks on TV’s most satisfying deaths below. Who have you secretly cheered for when a character bite the dust? Click here for more countdowns

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