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Anne of Green Gables Is Coming to Netflix

Netflix is killing it with one amazing show after another. And so far, they’ve done excellent jobs with each show. So I’m pretty excited to hear that one of my fave childhood  novels is coming to Netflix soon!

This week, Netflix announced that a dramatic TV series for Anne of Green Gables is set to take production in Canada starting in September. The series will be titled Anne and is already promised to be more of a gritty and edgier interpretation of the 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Montgomery. Taking the head on writing this project will be none other than Emmy winner Moira Walley-Beckett who’s work can best be seen in the outstanding show Breaking Bad.

I’m pretty excited about this news! Growing up, some of my favourite novels that I had to read in school (aside from Shakespeare) were The Great Gatsby, The Life of Pi, The Giver, Lord of The Flies, The Chronicles of Narnia and of course Anne of Green Gables. I’ve read the book, seen many different film versions, and have watched the play; true fan over here!

Can’t wait to give this new show a go! Are you excited? What are some of your favourite shows on Netflix?


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