Underworld: Blood Wars Is Coming

While the Underworld series is one of my fave’s, I’d really like for them to stop with these films. The first 3 were perfection, the fourth was awful, and this will probably be worse.

I know this may sound hypocritical, since I just wrote about how excited I am for the new Resident Evil film, which is another series that started off well, but has stayed way past its welcome. However, I still manage to enjoy those films because at their core, they’re just another fun zombie flick with a powerhouse female lead.

The Underworld franchise is one that I expect good things from. Not just pointless action, but a well thought out story with compelling characters. The first 3 films gave me that, I wanted Selene to win (it also doesn’t hurt that she’s played by the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale) and I enjoyed uncovering the dark past between the vampires and lycans.

The fourth film, Underworld: Awakening, took things to a weird place by introducing humans to the war. The whole point of Underworld is that it takes place just there, in the underworld, and humans remain blissfully unaware. While it does make sense that the war would spill into the human world after the death of Alexander Corvinus from Underworld: Evolution, I would have liked seeing that process instead of just jumping ahead. It was weird to all of a sudden have vampires and lycans in hiding while the humans roomed around hunting them. I needed a film to transfer us into that next chapter the story was taking.

Giving Selene a daughter just to apparently have her not be in this next film is dumb, having Michael escape the last film just to not be in this next one is dumb; just having another one of these films in general is dumb.

The sad thing is that I’ll probably end up watching it! The curiosity to one day be proven wrong in a film is just too strong!


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