Where Should The Future of Star Trek Head?

If Star Trek were to ever come back for another series full of space and exploration, I’ve got a few ideas on what they should focus on, and no, it’s definitely not the alternate world that J.J Abrams created.

I recently wrote a post on TV characters that I believe deserve their own spinoff series. And I sort of cheated with Star Trek, suggesting that a spinoff show be created based on the alternate universe introduced in the episode Mirror Mirror, one of the best Star Trek episodes ever, courtesy of the original series.

I originally suggested that each season could focus on different timeline of the evil Federation; i.e Season 1 during Archer’s time, Season 2 during Kirks, Season 3 during Picard’s, Season 4 during Sisko’s, and Season 5 (as an ode to Voyager) could look at the expansion of the Bajoran, Cardassian and Human war as it spills into the delta quadrant.

It would be so interesting to see how the Federation becomes evil, ultimately losses their power, and then fights to survive. This is a show I’d sign up for in a heart beat. But alas, that’s not my suggestion for todays topic on the future of Star Trek. While I think the Alternate Universe would make an excellent series, another great idea would be the Eugenics Wars.

All Star Treks have referenced the Eugenics Wars in some shape or form, and that’s purely because of Khan, the greatest Star Trek villain there ever was. Now, I’d like to take this time to discuss Khan’s portrayal in the Abrams film. While Benedict Cumberbatch is an amazing actor who played the role spectacularly, Khan Noonien Singh probably shouldn’t have been portrayed by a white actor. I mean, the characters name kind of says it all.

Anywhooooo, wouldn’t a series revolving around the Eugenics Wars be fascinating? We could see how a group of genetically engineered superhumans fight against the human race under the leadership of Khan – or they could introduce a new character and bring Khan in for the final season. The show would be able to touch on the question of the social implications of genetic engineering. We could see the rise and fall of this great empire, and witness first hand how humanity managed to cope with the sentence of death that was brought down on these supermen.

In Star Trek: Enterprise, my favourite episodes where the ones that focused on the Augments and how Data’s creator, Dr. Arik Soong got involved in their creation. Having an entire universe expand on this almost untouched story would be badass. We always hear so much about the Eugenics Wars, but I want to see them first hand. It would be an entirely different kind of Star Trek!

What do you think? Would you rather watch a Star Trek series based on the alternative universe or on the Eugenics Wars?

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