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Joss Whedon Is Back At It Again With Star-Studded Anti-Trump Video

Joss Whedon up and disappeared from Twitter after a stressful run with the good ol’ Internet trolls. But lucky for us he’s back at it again with the best star studded anti-Trump video there ever was. And I’m about it.

Donald Trump is a cancer that’s infecting the world (although mainly just America…for now), and many celebs are taking a stand against him, urging people that it’s never been more important than it is now to vote. And by vote, they mean vote against Trump. Please, oh please Lord don’t let that man win.

Now, I’m sorry if you’re a Trump supporter, and I don’t mean to rain on your parade (although I don’t understand it) because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and Whedon’s strongly against homeboy. He launched the Save the Day campaign, a super-PAC featuring a star-studded anti-Donald Trump video that I’m totally about.

He enlists stars like the Avengers, Leslie Odom Jr., Keegan-Michael Key, Martin Sheen, Nathan Fillion, and Julianne Moore, just to name a few. These celebs remind us that while we may not think this is important or that our votes aren’t crucial, we’ve never been more wrong. Save the Day makes its mandate clear with its position statement by stating that Trump’s “a racist, abusive coward who can damage the fabric of our society” and promises that Ruffalo will do a nude scene in his next movie.

I’m really hoping to see an epic nude scene coming soon! America, please vote! Just, you know, not for Trump.


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