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Hannah Shaw Aka The Kitten Lady Is A Savior

I recently stumbled upon this amazing Instagram account called Kitten x Lady, and my life has honestly never been the same. And since I’m a glorified cat lady (I swear that’ll probably be my future) this account touches home for me.

Hannah Shaw rescues orphan cats and helps nurse them back to life. She also runs an advocacy project that aims to save these forgotten kittens lives; so you know, she’s pretty much Jesus reincarnate.

Her Insta is full of adorable baby kittens that she spends the time and effort to care for when they’d otherwise be forgotten. And I’ll forever love, respect and look up to her for that. She takes cute animal Instagrams’ to an entirely new level.

I’m a huge animal lover, and I recently lost my cat (who was also my best friend) this year after having her for 17 years (most of my life); and while it’s still incredibly sad, I love hearing stories about people like Hannah Shaw who dedicates her life to help these adorable creatures. Somehow, humanity seems to forget that we’re sharing the world with other creatures, and while some people seem fit to just leave them to die she’s taking a stand.

Shaw provides rescue and adoption services to orphaned neonatal kittens in the Washington, DC area and also includes educational programs for those wishing to get more involved. She has an open door policy when it comes to spending her days raising the cutest, but most vulnerable little kittens. She also founded her charitable project Rock to the Rescue with her father to help build strong communities of love and support. Clearly, she’s a busy lady.

Please please join Shaw’s platform and take the time to donate to her spectacular cause! Click here to donate and here to learn more. And remember, every little bit counts 🙂


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