Summertime Sadness

Lana Del Rey’s Getting Political

Lana Del Rey has been playing festivals all year (where I was lucky enough to see her live!) and is working on new music (#blessed). And while she’s typically shied away from public opinion and politics, this year she can’t stay away from commenting on the Presidential Debates.

Lana took to her Honeymoon Instagram during the debate to state: “I am just checking to see that you guys are watching [the Presidential Debates]”, and then continued to say, “I think it is so important to have all the information that you can have to make the best decisions for your future.”

She continued to speak directly to her younger fans, by stating that “when you are young, it just doesn’t seem like it’s as important, but when you get older you want to trust your leaders and you want to trust your own decisions, and the only way to do that is to have as much information as you can…So I am hoping you are tuning in tonight, and I will be watching with you.”

While Lana hasn’t said who she’s voting for, or her opinions on either candidate, it’s still interesting to finally see Lana post something political.

Have you been watching the Presidential Debates?


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