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Kanye West’s Music Should Be Used In All Trailers

Kanye West may be a severe annoyance, but his music is God sent. You don’t call yourself yeezus for no reason after all.

I’ve noticed that having Kanye in movie trailers makes them 100x better, and waaay more epic. Let’s start a petition to have him in like every trailer. Like him or hate him, the man can make a trailer look hella good.

Check out some of his handiwork below!

6. The Social Network: “Power”

I love how this song perfectly captures the heart of the film: power. And how it corrupts, enhances, and yet somehow destroys the life of Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg). This is what makes a good trailer, when the song reflects the film.

5. The Girl on the Train: “Heartless”

While it’s not actually Kanye performing in this song, I’ve always been a sucker for cover songs, so this makes the list just ’cause. Plus, it perfectly sets the tone of confusion and intensity all in one. You really can’t go wrong with that.

4. The Great Gatsby: “No Church in the Wild” feat. Jay-Z

The entire Great Gatsby soundtrack was on point. While it was bold to add modern day music into the film, I was about that life for sure!

3. Jarhead: “Jesus Walks”

This trailer made me think Jarhead was going to be the film to end all. And while it left me letdown, to this day I’ll still watch it for the haunting thrill that the song engages with the audience.

2. Assassin’s Creed: “I Am a God”

Most video games turned movies have been awful. But this trailer makes me hope and pray that we’ll finally get a good one. After all, these scientist are going to all lengths to practically play God. Hence the song…get it?

1. The Wolf of Wall Street: “Black Skinhead”

I mean, this trailer is just perfection. Need I say more?

Have I missed any? What Kanye West song do you think was perfectly used in a trailer?


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