The Walking Dead: A Look Ahead at Season 7

The Walking Dead has released a promo for season 7. Yep, I’m dead.

Last season, The Walking Dead had us all holding our breaths for the last few minutes of the finale. I swear I almost died when Negan (played by the amazing Jeffrey Dean Morgan) counted off on who’s head to bash in. And to be honest, I’m still pretty sure it’s going to be Glenn, because this is not only how he died in the graphic novel, but the show also hinted at some major foreshadowing earlier on in the season. We saw Glenn look at images of peoples faces being bashed in when they killed some of Negans people in their beds. Plus, they’ve already hinted at his death earlier in the show, and let’s be honest here, no couple is safe and Glenn and Maggie have lasted quite awhile.

Speaking of couples, what about Michonne? Rick honestly has never had luck with the ladies, so it could be her that bites the dust. If you watch the clip below, Negan really focuses on the idea of just killing Ricks ‘right hand’, but no one says it has to be a man. To be honest, at this point, his right hand is Michonne. She’s always sided with him and is someone he trusts above all else. Well…her and Daryl of course, who I believe is also on the chopping block. Daryl wasn’t even a character in the graphic novel, and while he’s clearly a fan favourite like Glenn, he’s still someone who could ultimately meet his end.

Check out the clip below! And don’t forget to watch the promo for the new season here


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