Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer 3

Another week, another trailer. And this one’s giving a lot away…and I’m down.

The first trailer for Rogue One had me stop in my tracks and die from excitement, but this trailer has me begging for more! I honestly can’t decide which one I liked more…although I may be inclined to go with the first one as it held more mystery.

This trailer gave us a bit more information on the main character played by Felicity Jones, Jyn Erso and her relationship with the rebels. It seems like her father (played by Mads Mikkelsen) plays a curtail role in bringing the Death Star online as he’s clearly a weapons designer. I’m assuming (based on what the trailer gave away) that the Federation threatens to kills his daughter if he doesn’t work on the Death Star. This could by a reason for why she’s being held captive and the rebels break her out of jail, that or she’s just a delinquent who grew up without her family. You know, as main characters in Star Wars often are.

I’m really excited about the imagery and the shots in this film! For example the remains of a giant statue of a Jedi, the opening shot of Mikkelsens’ looking at the Imperial landing team, or the gorgeous shot of the Death Star orbiting a planet that I’m sure will have a space battle occurring near the end of the film.

This trailer’s done exactly what a good trailer should: get you pumped, give some information away, and hold onto what makes Star Wars so great! Major props to the ending Star Wars theme and a glimpse of my main man, Darth Vader!

What did you think of this trailer? Which one did you like better?


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