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Personality Quiz: ESFJ

I recently jumped on the personality quiz (albeit a tad late) to discover which fraction (see what I did there!) I fit into. And exactly what it means to be an ESFJ.

ESFJ. Apparently this is where the “popular” kids fall into, and while I would never consider myself to be one of those kids (a DUFF and proud thank you very much!) I am definitely social! According to personality definition, ESFJ’s are social, popular, happy, organized and care deeply about others happiness.

At their hearts, ESFJ personalities are social creatures, and thrive on staying up to date with what their friends are doing.

I then went on to find out what other celebs share in this magical ESFJ gene. Some were pretty cool, like JLo, Tyra Banks and even the character Dean Winchester from Supernatural! And then some were pretty bad, like Swifty and Mariah Carey…I’m sensing a diva/drama queen complex in my ESFJ personality :O

So, is it actually possible to be defined and placed into certain categories? I won’t lie, some of the stuff I read about my personality was exactly me, to the point where it was creepy. I do thrive in social situations and tend to put others feels above my own. And my career path certainly falls into the ESFJ category. But can we all be categorized? The teen book series Divergent certainly doesn’t think so, but then again I always considered myself to be in the Amity fraction. And I most definitely believe that I belong in house Hufflepuff from Harry Potter, so there’s that.

What do you think? Can we be divided into personality categories? Which one do you fall under?


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